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Holtsail Snake

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The holtsail snake is a species native to the rolling hills, "swimming" just below the surface of the hills.


The holtsail snake is primarily a dark brownish green in colour, with black stripes overlaid on brown spots. These markings increase in density towards the tail end of the snake. The species is moderately venomous, though its venom is nowhere near strong enough to do any real damage to anything much larger than the snake itself. The snake's eyes are covered in thin and brittle scales, and do not actually provide any vision to the creature.

Hunting & Movement

The holtsail snake has learned how to use the movement of the soil to its advantage, maneuvering itself so that the dirt around it parts just wide enough for it to make a path for itself. Because of the opacity of the soil it moves in, the snake's eyes have become purely vestigial, and not actually functioning at all. It instead feels the ground around it through an enhanced form of tremour-sense, which is also how the species locates its prey.

Dietary Needs & Habits

The holtsail snake feeds on smaller animals in its habitat, such as the burrowfish. It is known to occasionally eat small yndu as well, though it is unclear if they intentionally seek out these animals or if they are purely eaten by happenstance due to being nearby. The snake does not need to eat often, as these animals are by no means tiny. Rather, the snake is able to subsist off of one meal for a few months before needing to hunt again.
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