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The Erenel site is undergoing major changes and lore updates. Please note only articles listed in the Gamingbrew Discord are finalized. All other articles should be considered outdated lore.
As we further explore the many unique Erenel Kingdoms, equipment options, armor, and weapon offerings will grow! Our design philosophy is to provide a variety of new and exciting items, not overshadow equipment already in-game, with the ultimate goal of adding diversity to your table.
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Exotic Proficiency

A third proficiency category has been added alongside simple and martial. This category is known as Exotic and requires extensive training to use this weapon type effectively.   Proficiency with an exotic weapon allows you to add your proficiency bonus to the attack roll for any attack you make with that weapon. If you make an attack roll using a weapon with which you lack proficiency, you do not add your proficiency bonus to the attack roll.

Weapon Feats

Weapon feats for firearms and the new exotic proficiency can be found on Erenel's Feat Article!  
Feats Expanded
Generic article | Apr 27, 2022

New feat choices for Erenel players characters.


While effective, firearms are unreliable. Misfires are an unfortunate side effect of this exciting new weaponry.  
Firearm Proficiency
Classes that come with the optional rule Firearm Proficiency are considered proficient with all Erenel Firearms (Artificer, Gunslinger). If a Character without Firearm Proficiency tries to use a Firearm in combat, the misfire rate is doubled.
When you roll an attack roll and the dice roll, before modifiers, is equal to or lower than the weapon’s misfire score, the weapon jams. A jammed weapon cannot be used until you use your action to fix the weapon’s malfunction.
Firearm Ammunition
The ammunition used from a firearm is destroyed upon use. All firearm unless stated otherwise use Bullets. Bullet: 1 sp per bullet.

Rules to Remember

With the introduction of new weapon properties, a friendly clarification and reminder on specific rules.
  • Bleed does not take effect if you only damage temporary hit points.
  • Firearms use Dexterity as their attack and damage modifier.
  • Firearms are ranged weapon. You still have disadvantage on attack rolls if you are within 5 feet of a hostile creature who can see you and who isn't incapacitated.
  • Momentum only applies for the next attack in that round and not all remaining attacks in the same round. Any attacks after the use of Momentum will be rolled normally.
  • Shoving a creature is considered a special melee attack.
  • The Erenel feat Giant's Grip does not apply to wielding weapons with the Oversized property due to it requiring more than the original Two-Handed property.
  • To fire both arrows on the Doublt Bolt Crossbow, you still need an extra attack. You cannot fire more than two shots per round.
  • Ammunition

    Found in the article below
    Adventuring Gear
    Generic article | Apr 25, 2022
    A flared short barrel muzzle allows the Blunderbuss to fire a shrapnel spray at short range. If you make an attack with the Blunderbuss against a creature within half the Blunderbuss’s normal range, the Blunderbuss deals 2d8 damage instead of 2d6.  
    Flintlock Pistol
    A one handed firearm, this loud, yet reliable weapon is the most popular firearm in Erenel due to its size and ability to use with another weapon at the ready.  
    A long barreled firearm capable of firing at targets from range with precision. If a bayonet is attached to the end of a Musket, melee attacks with the bayonet gain Reach.  
    Favored by whalers and underwater hunters, this unique firearm is fashioned to launch a spear instead of standard ammunition. Typically, a rope is attached to the spear to reel in the target. The speargun uses a spear as ammunition. If a speargun hits a target, the spear sticks into the creature while the rope remains attached to the speargun. As an action, make an opposed Strength (Athletics) check against the target to pull the target 10 feet closer to you on a success. If the target attempts to move, you can use your reaction to make an opposed Strength (Athletics) check to prevent their movement on a success. You must continue to use two hands to maintain your grip. If the target can grip the spear, it can remove the spear as an action.

    Simple Melee Weapons

    A blade that can attach to the barrel of a musket or two-handed firearm. The Bayonet can be attached or removed as an action. While attached, the wielder can make an improvised weapon attack with the Bayonet's damage.  
    Brass Knuckles
    Rings of metal are attached to a handle and fit around the wielder's knuckles, adding weight to their unarmed strikes. Brass knuckles can be made magical as weapons or enhanced, such as by silvering.  
    A 6 inch bladed extension that wraps tightly around your forefinger. A small switch can be squeezed in the palm as a bonus action, applying a stored poison onto the blade. The Finger Blade can hold enough poison for one application.  
    This oversized fishhook can be attached to the arm with leather straps and allows sailors with missing hands to lift or carry objects. For those who still have both hands, a handle under the hook can be held.  
    A length of wire used as a strangulation device. You can perform a special grapple attack while wielding a garrote with two hands. When successful, at the start of the target's next turn, the target begins to suffocate. To maintain the garrote's suffocating effect, the grappler must spend their action. If the grappler fails to do so or the grapple is broken, the needed amount of consecutive rounds of suffocation resets.   A creature can survive a number of rounds equal to 1 + its Constitution modifier. While suffocating, the target can act normally while following the rules of grappling. At the start of the suffocating target’s turn following the suffocation period, the target falls unconscious. If the garrote grapple continues, the target automatically fails each of its death saves until it dies.
    Reservoir Dagger
    A dagger crafted with a unique handle that can be filled with liquid poison. A small switch can be squeezed on the handle as a bonus action, applying the stored poison onto the blade. The reservoir dagger can hold enough poison for one application.  
    A simple two handed weapon ending in a large sickle-like blade.  
    Crafted from Black Ice, the Seax is a light single edged blade able to either pierce or slash an enemy. Typically worn horizontally in a scabbard on the belt, the Seax is a favored second weapon or most Northlanders.  
    Shepherd's Crook
    A long sturdy stick with a hook at one end. The crook is a staple when herding sheep or when walking long distances.  
    Wooden Stake
    A short and sturdy wooden stake sharpened to a point on one end. The other end is flat to allow for hammering into a vampire’s heart. While using a Wooden Stake, if you roll a natural 1, the wooden stake breaks and becomes unusable.

    by Dean Spencer

    Martial Melee Weapons

    A unique club with a leather strap that can be attached to the forearm. In between the club and forearm strap is a 20 foot cord. If thrown while equipped, the wielder can reel in the weapon as a bonus action pulling the Aklys back into their hand.  
    Boarding Axe
    Heavier than a handaxe with a significant spike opposite the blade, the boarding axe helps sailors and pirates climb up masts or into ships. When making a Strength (Athletics) check to climb, add double your proficiency bonus to the check.  
    Caelian Waraxe
    Favored weapon of the Caelian, this waraxe is much heavier than a greataxe, allowing the wielder to swing recklessly for maximum impact. When wielding this weapon, you may attack recklessly, decreasing your attack roll by 1d4 and adding 1d4 to the damage dealt.  
    Chained Anchor Flail
    A heavy flail made from a small anchor fashioned to the end of a chain. The chained anchor flail's chain is considerably longer than that of a typical flail.  
    A bladed disc which also serves as a unique throwing weapon. The Chakram can be thrown in such a way that it returns to the wielder if the attack misses.  
    Clawed Gauntlet
    A metal gauntlet formed with long serrated spikes for clawing enemies while leaving the hand available to grasp objects. You can wear a clawed gauntlet and hold other weapons or items. While holding an object, you are unable to attack with the clawed gauntlet.  
    A more defensive weapon thanks to the basket hilt, the Claymore is favored among defensive two-handed specialists. While wielding the Claymore with two hands and no shield, gain a +1 bonus to your armor class.  
    Crescent Glaive
    A curved slashing blade extending between handgrips, the Crescent Glaive provides a strong defense in combat thanks to its lightweight but large size. While wielding the Crescent Glaive with two hands and no shield, gain a +1 bonus to your armor class.  
    A favorite among pirates, the short yet broad curved blade is robust enough to hack through heavy ropes and enemies while short enough to maneuver with in close quarters.  
    Dory Spear
    Wooden spears carved to be much longer than a normal spear, the Dory typically end in a sharp Ulkadian Bronze tip. When wielding with two hands, the dory spear gains the reach weapon property, adding 5 feet to your reach when you attack with it.  
    Double-Bladed Sword
    Knights of Iswa favor this unique sword with a two-handed hilt in the center of two extended blades. While wielding the double-bladed sword with two hands, the wielder can attack with the other end as a bonus action if they took the attack action. You are considered dual wielding when attacking in this way.  
    Epsilon Axe
    A type of battle axe made from Ulkadian bronze with its blade attached at three different points on the haft. The Epsilon is best used with powerful swings.
    A heavier sword with a shorter handle and a slightly curved blade, the Falchion is known in the Scabbard Wastes as an executioner's weapon.  
    Francisca Axe
    A throwing axe with a distinct arch shaped head, widening toward the edge, allows for deep gashes on impact.  
    This two edged blade with a tapered point is supported by a fitted hilt. When wielding with two hands, the gladius gains the parry property.  
    A unique sword with a blade that curves into a backward sickle. Khopesh wielders often use the hooked blade to perform trip attacks in combat.  
    This Ulkadian Bronze short sword is forged with a curved blade causing successful strikes to deeply serrate those unlucky enough to be struck.  
    Orc Double Axe
    A heavy weapon favored by Orc warriors, featuring a double-headed ax on both ends and two hand grips in the center. While wielding an Orc Double Ax with two hands, the wielder can attack with the other end as a bonus action if they took the attack action. You are considered dual wielding when attacking in this way.  
    Similar in size to a longsword but much lighter with a thin blade, the Quontrel is favored by nimble martial attackers. The length of the hilt allows for more precise strikes while using two hands.  
    Scorpion Tail Whip
    A whip made from the dried tail of a large scorpion that ends in an intact stinger.  
    A whip made with multiple lashes used to inflict deep wounds. The scourge is a favorite when administering punishment and intimidating enemies.  
    Sword Cane
    A covert weapon resembling a stylish or straightforward cane until a blade is withdrawn from inside.  
    Umbra Glaive
    The Midnight Eyrie's weapon of choice, Umbra Glaives circular design allows for skilled warriors to wield it with one or two hands in combat.  
    War Fan
    Commonly used by the Ahn'Kalin, the War Fan can fold into a compact shape, yet with the flick of the wrist, the fan opens, and the thin, razor-sharp sheets slide into place.  
    War Scythe
    A heavier version of the standard scythe, the war scythe's curled handle and elongated blade allows for deadlier strikes when wielded by skilled hands.  
    War Trident
    The War Trident is forged entirely from Ulkadian Bronze resulting in a much heavier version, requiring two hands to properly wield.

    Martial Ranged Weapons

    A throwing weapon consisting of a number of balls connected by a strong cord. A medium or smaller creature hit by a bola must make a DC 10 Dexterity saving throw or be restrained. The restrained creature or another creature within reach can use an action to remove the Bola. A Bola has 1 hp and 10 AC. Destroying the Bola also frees the restrained creature.  
    Double Bolt Crossbow
    A double bolt crossbow has two separate bows, one positioned above the other, each with its own trigger. The Double Bolt Crossbow can fire up to two pieces of ammunition per round before needing to reload and can hold different types of bolts at one time.  
    Oaken Bow
    Thicker and heavier than a normal longbow, an Elvencraft bow can be used as both a bow and a quarterstaff if an enemy is too close for comfort. While wielding an Elvencraft bow, the wielder can quickly interchange between ranged and melee attacks with the same weapon. When making a melee attack, treat the weapon as wielding a quarterstaff with two hands.
    Whistling Sling
    The Whistling Sling earned its name by the sound projectiles make upon release. This modified leather sling can launch projectiles at an increased speed but takes longer to seat ammunition properly.  
    Wular Blowgun
    This longer version of the typical blow gun is popular among the Wular tribes of the Oyudanyi Jungles. The blowgun which shares their name allows projectives to fly farther and with more accuracy. Perfect for precision.  
    Yew Longbow
    A larger and more durable longbow made from Yew, the Yew Longbow allows the wielder more tension during draw.

    Exotic Melee and Ranged Weapons

    Exotic Melee Weapons

    Butcher Cleaver
    The blade is closer in appearance to a slab of iron fused to the handle of an ordinary hilt for heavy, crude strikes.  
    Full Blade
    An enormous broadsword with a six-foot-long single-edged blade and handguard bolted onto the blade's edge. Most handles are wrapped in brown leather to help with grip while wielding the weapon.  
    A polearm with an elongated heavy blade at the end allows for wide swinging strikes at reach.  
    Pig Sticker
    A long hafted weapon with a backward-facing serrated hook allows for deep wound attacks that are difficult to mend.  
    Titan Maul
    A long handled hammer with an oversized heavy iron head, the Titan Maul's size allows for heavy two handed swings.

    Exotic Ranged Weapons

    Mini Ballista
    A modified heavy longbow which fires standard arrows at high velocity thanks to its pull weight. Archers able to comfortably draw with the weapon can take advantage of their strength with each shot.  
    Shoulder Cannon
    A makeshift cannon that can be mounted on your shoulder. This special firearm uses gunpowder to propel iron casted balls at destructive speeds. The shoulder cannon does not suffer disadvantage when firing at an adjacent target.

    Special Properties

    Many Erenel weapons use the following properties below which are designed to work alongside official 5E weapons.
    After successfully dealing damage to the hit points of a creature that has blood, apply 1 stack of the bleed condition. For each stack of the bleed condition, the bleeding creature takes 1 damage at the start of their turn. The bleed condition can stack up to a total of (5) stacks.   Multiple bleed conditions cannot be placed on the same target, but stack together. All stacks are removed when the bleeding target receives any healing, or after a successful Medicine skill check.   Medicine skill check DC = 8 + total bleed stacks.    
    When you make a ranged attack with this weapon and miss, the weapon returns to your hand.  
    A colossal weapon incurs the same penalties as Oversized weapons. In addition, you can only make one attack when using an action to attack with the weapon, regardless of the number of attacks you can normally make.  
    When you critically hit by rolling a natural 20 with this weapon, you can treat any 1 rolled on a damage die as a 2. Deadly only applies if the critical hit comes from rolling a natural 20 and does not function with class features or similar effects that broaden critical hit range.
    Heavy Pull
    You can add your Strength modifier to your damage roll when attacking with this weapon.  
    When you miss a melee attack with this weapon, you can choose to attack recklessly with your next attack roll if you target the same creature. Doing so gives you advantage on the melee weapon attack roll, but attack rolls against you have advantage until your next turn.  
    This weapon can only be used by a Medium sized or larger creature with a Strength score of 17 or higher. While attacking with the weapon, subtract 5 from the attack roll after including to hit bonuses. This weapon requires two hands to use and two hands to simply wield it when it is not stowed. An Oversized weapon's size and bulk make it too large for a Small or Tiny creature to use effectively.  
    When a creature you can see attacks you with a melee attack, you can use your reaction to parry the attack. Add half your proficiency bonus (rounded down) to your AC for one melee attack that would hit.  
    When wielding a weapon with the trip property, you gain a +2 bonus on Strength (Athletics) checks when using the Attack action to shove a creature.


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