Renown is a player-specific progression system that represents their fame and influence in the world. As a player's Renown grows, they earn benefits from the Renown Table, such as magic items, prestige classes, divinity, and more. Renown rewards invested players who participate the most!   Renown scales to 140 and lasts until the next world reboot (estimated every 18 months).

Earning Renown

When a player earns Seasonal Currency for participating in an adventure for loot, as a mercenary, or in a roleplaying adventure, they earn 1 Renown. A player can earn a MAXIMUM of 2 Renown per week, ie. if you earn 3 Seasonal Currency in a week, you'd only earn 2 Renown.   Players should track Renown on their character sheet. Before the Weekly Update, Brews will post all Renown gained that week in the #adventure-gains Discord channel. All Renown gains are published in this channel to help with character sheet discrepancies.

Dying/Retiring a Character

If a player dies or chooses to retire their character to create another, their previous character's Renown carries over. The new character will begin with Renown equal to 1/2 of their last character's Renown rounded down.   Example: If you had 7 Renown and died, your next character would begin with 3 Renown.

Choosing a Named Magic Item

When you reach the appropriate Renown level, Players can choose a Named Magic Item from Approved 5E Books. When choosing your item, take note of the Renown levels max rarity and max gold cost. Living Erenel uses the Sane Magical Prices list for all Named Magic Item costs.
  Chosen items cannot provide the following.
  • Ability score increases. (ex. Belt of Giant’s Strength)
  • Items with limited charges (ex. Wand of Fireballs)
  • Items lost after use. (ex. Elemental Gem)
  • Item Variants. (ex. Frost Brand)
  • Items with +1, +2, +3 in the name. (ex. Wand of the War Mage)
If you’re unsure of a Named Magic Items availability, reach out to moderators by posting in #living-erenel-help.


As a player grows in Renown, the gods of Erenel will begin to take notice. Erenel is host to many deities, each with their own ideals and ambitions. You can choose to worship a deity, granting powerful abilities and roleplay opportunities based on your choice.   You can swap Deities by performing an open roleplay post until you reach Divinity III. This can be as simple or complex as you want, although it is encouraged to elaborate on the reason for switching. Beware, deities do not like when you abandon worship! Once you reach Divinity III, the deity will not allow you to leave their worship. You can choose to stop worshiping upon reaching Divinity III but must remain godless.  
  • Divinity I. Speak with your Deity! Unlocks the NPC Interaction: Divinity option. To learn more Living Erenel: Roleplaying
  • Divinity II. Lesser Deity Gift
  • Divinity III. Greater Deity Gift

Deity Gifts

All deities offer the same gifts, giving the player the option of choosing which gift they wish to receive. This allows players to select a deity without worrying about min/max abilities.   Gifts come in two degrees of power; lesser gifts and greater gifts. Lesser gifts are potent but only affect the player or their immediate surroundings. Greater gifts are the pinnacle of a deity's power, refining the Bond into a miracle. Lesser and Greater gifts come in three different types; boon, action, reaction. After choosing a gift, you can swap to a different gift by tithing gold to the deity's place of worship.   A list of deity gifts will be listed here once player's renown levels grow.  

Lesser Gift Example

Fire and Ash. You become immune to fire damage. As an action, you can remove this immunity for 24-hours and give up to (3) other players' resistance to fire damage for 8-hours.
  Primal Howl. You can communicate with any animal whose location you know within a mile. As an action, you borrow their senses if they permit it. Pets and Mounts you've trained can be reached wherever they are, even on other planes of existence.  

Greater Gift Example

Gatekeeper. As an action, you can create a gate to or from the Below, per the gate spell. You can travel to a random location within the plane or a specific area that you name. Once you use this feature, you can't use it again until (2) Weekly Updates have passed.
  Tis but a Scratch. As an action, you coat your skin in hardened mithril, becoming immune to all physical damage for 1-minute. Once you use this feature, you can't use it again until (2) Weekly Updates have passed.

Crafting Artifacts

Full article coming later in Year 2.


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