Penannular Brooch of Peace

In spring of 561 EoBO, a horde of hill giants came down from the north, manipulated by the sorcerer Lirithak to believe that the city had been responsible for a recent string of giant folk murders. The Hill Giant Chieftain Hugragrus led the siege with surprising swiftness and cunning. Great trees had been hewn as battering rams to beat against the main gate, while dozens of others hurled massive stones down from a nearby hill. The city was well fortified and stocked, so the siege lasted for several months. As the summer heat began to take its toll on both sides, it was clear that a complex stalemate was reached.
by Ásgeir Jón Ásgeirsson
At the time, the most famous Axelord was a woman named Fehriah. Fehriah correctly suspected something more behind this seemingly unprovoked attack. She sent emissaries to the giants to see if a truce could be established to discuss the matter. After a few tense hours, the giants finally agreed.   As Axelord Fehriah was preparing to meet Hugragris, the Axelord ruled of H'rasis, Bredon Cadhan, presented her with a cloak pin that had been in his family for countless centuries. The Axelord's intent was to impress the giants and impart Fehriah with the authority of the city. The meeting looked almost comical from a distance. The hill giant chieftain stood looking down at the human axelord, who stood only a little over five feet tall. As the discussion began, Fehriah managed to impress the giant with her knowledge of their language and people. Hugragrus soon became convinced by her words.   Watching from a distance, Lirithak could see his plans slipping through his fingertips. In desperation, he hurled a bolt of lightning at the unsuspecting Fehriah, striking her directly in the chest. She was thrown backward to the ground, and the field erupted into chaos. The clever Hugragrus realized the source of the treachery. Before the situation could break down further, the chieftain launched a massive spear at the evil sorcerer, impaling him through the chest.   Fehriah's men approached to see to their captain, and to their surprise, they discovered that she was still alive. The bolt of lightning had struck her directly on the cloak pin, blackening and warping it but dispersing the worst of the attack.   Chieftain Hugragrus regarded her survival as a sign that the gods clearly favored these people. That night, a great feast was held, and friendships sealed between the City of H'rasis and the Hill Giants. Hugragris swore that as long as his family led the giant clan, they would-be allies.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

After the cloak pin is attuned to the wearer, it grants the following effects.
  • You gain a +1 bonus to AC and saving throws.
  • While wearing the pin, you can speak and understand the giant language.
  When an attuned character awakens Penannular Brooch of Peace, apply the following changes to the item's traits.
  • Once per long rest, if you are reduced to 0 hit points while wearing the cloak pin, you will automatically stabilize.
  When a character exalts Penannular Brooch of Peace, apply the following changes to the item's traits.
  • As a reaction, you can ignore all damage from a fire-based attack. This can be done once per long rest.


Worn by Captain of the Guard Fehriah of H'rasis


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Penannular Brooch of Peace
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Related ethnicities
Legendary Artifact (Requires Attunement)
Base Price
100,000 gp

Cover image: by Jaynorn Lin


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