North Central Tonarian

Erenel World Map

A melting pot of communities, the region is split into two by the Sundermist Tips mountain range, home of the Five Dwarven Cantons. To the mountains south resides the Elumian Forest, an ancient forest and Elf homeland defined by being untouched by more motivated races in Erenel. To the west, the horrors of the Haunted Lands are all that remains of a once great Minotaur kingdom.   North of the Sundermist Tips, the outskirts of two great kingdoms, the Krovian Empire and Warlords Alliance, help populate multiple trade cities free of kingdom rule. In the center, the Mistwood is framed by Cloudburst Bluff and offers a reprieve from civilization.


  • Aerowyn
  • Allheim
  • Cendelius
  • Fjoll
  • H'rasis
  • Kiriador
  • Lithelle
  • Marsonia
  • Pomarj
  • Rivilon
  • Therondia
  • Ustalev
  • Five Dwarven Cantons
  • Bronzebraid
  • Firebeard
  • Grimfall
  • Hammerfell
  • Stoneforge
  • Geography

  • Azure Bay
  • Elumian Forest
  • Golden Heights
  • Gulf of Storms
  • Haunted Lands
  • Mistwood
  • Ragnar's Tears
  • Sundermist Tips
  • Virding Thicket
  • War Fields
  • Places of Interest

  • Drik'ik'chai Hive
  • Ebraxas Ruins
  • Gizmire Ruins
  • New Ebraxas
  • There are horrors beyond life’s edge that we do not suspect, and once in a while your evil prying may call them into range. — Queen Gwinor Esmeril
    by Dean Spencer


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