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If you happen upon a Lament glowing bright like the stars at days end, you hold onto it tight you hear. That hunk of a lost god will be worth a couple platinum denars at least in Krov. Course that means you need to harvest it first and there be no tellin' what monster has taken a likin' to the crystal's shine.
— Krovian Merchant
When A'Madoon sacrificed his celestial body, pieces of the Architect fell like rain from the heavens and coalesced into a crystal-like state of arcane energy. His children present to witness the event would name these crystals Laments, or Creator's Tear, for it appeared as if Al'Madoon wept in grief as they fell.   As Erenel moved into the Era of the Inner Flame and spellcasters began to master the art of tethering, these crystallized fonts of power awakened. When held by someone who has recently tethered into the bond, the crystal will glow brightly, and a faint shimmer of Al'Madoon's essence can be seen swirling inside.

Material Characteristics

These chromatic crystals filled with arcane energy can vary in size and shape. The quality of the lament is the most critical characteristic harvesters take into consideration during extraction. A broken lament projects a fading aura resembling the setting sun. However, an intact radiant lament pulses strong arcane energy, causing your arm's hair to stand.   When a harvester happens upon a radiant lament, precautions must be taken. Pulsing arcane energy attracts wildlife and infuses them with varying characteristics and attributes. For example, Archmage Wuten of the Royal College once stumbled upon a lustrous lament. To his surprise, a kaleidoscope of butterflies rested on the lament and had gained the ability to speak. Both the lustrous lament and awakened butterflies currently reside at the Royal College.
Dependent upon quality
Common State

Shimmering Lament

Lament 5E Rule

A spellcaster can use a lament to replenish their ability to tether into the bond. As a bonus action, the spellcaster can crush the crystal in their hand and replenish one expended spell slot. The level of spell slot replenished is determined by the quality of the lament as shown in the table below.  
Quality Rarity Spell Slot Recovered
Broken Common 1st
Cracked Uncommon 2nd
Shimmering Rare 3rd
Lustrous Very Rare 4th
Radiant Legendary 5th


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