Hematurgy Vials

The ancient arcane art of Hematurgy predates the Great Sacrifice. This blood magic provides the means of transforming life essence in the blood into a force of immeasurable power. Those that choose to wield this dark practice be warned, the burden of Hematurgy is addiction.
Hematurgy vials allow for the creation of powerful Blood Potions. These potions contain the extracted blood of a sentient creature, mixed with various herbs and arcane components. Those who choose to consume the life essence concoction do so at an increased risk, as digesting another's life essence to enrich oneself has immediate consequences.   The very drops of life binding each potion together fuel the consumer, granting increased vitality and willpower over the bond. With each dose, the incredible vigor one feels for the duration leads to immediate withdrawal once the life essence fades in the bloodstream. Blood potion addiction is often associated with the same Blood Thirst sickness Sanguis feel. However, the effects of blood potion addiction far exceed the Sanguis curse.

Harvesting Blood

Blood potion reagents cannot be harvested with Herbalism Downtime. Instead, players proficient in the Medicine skill can attempt to extract Life Essence by spending Downtime Days. How you came into the chance to extract life essence is up to the player if they wish to include it in their post.   When extracting life essence, you announce what blood potion reagent you wish to search for and make an ability check. The ability check represents if you successfully extracted the necessary life essence. When announcing the reagent, your character must meet the required minimum level.   Example: I announce I want to extract life essence for a Potion of Crimson. After announcing an Erenel moderator will ask me to roll a Medicine check in Discord. A Potion of Crimson has a gold cost of 150, meaning I would need to be a character level 3 and succeed on a DC 10.


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Item type
Consumable, Magical
Dependent upon quality

Blood Potion Addiction

Each time a player consumes a blood potion, the player must also make a Wisdom saving throw against addiction. Blood potions with higher concentrations of life essence have higher DC checks. If a player fails their saving throw, they gain 1 level of addiction, as shown in the table below.   When addicted, a player loses one level of addiction every two Weekly Update (2 weeks). If a player gains a stack of addiction, the time required to lose a stack resets to its maximum duration.

Blood Potions

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