Death of Good King Eirick

From the tree lines of the Fog Isles, the outcast Mavkaii watched as King Eirick lead the Caelian Clan, Black Ice, to prosperity. For years the king's followers gladly obeyed every order. They spoke proud tales and sang songs of the Good King Eirick.   Mavkaii had been banished a decade earlier from Wolfheim, proud home of the Wolfheart Clan, as the wicked Mavkaii had no interest in his Wyrd and lacked honor. His mind had become poisoned with thoughts of a strange new tethering magic, Flesh Weaving. From the shadows, Mavkaii began to slowly corrupt the spirit of Good King Eirick, filling the king with doubt and fear. The banished warlock needed hosts to experiment with flesh weaving, and the Black Ice clan was smaller than most. Easily forgotten.   They would serve him in death.   King Eirick, his mind failing, began to banish men and women into the tundra. Disobedience meant death which the Good King was happy to carry out himself, crushing Caelian skulls with his massive 2-handed maul. He would shout from his throne, "famine and starvation approach our doorstep. There is no place here for new mouths to feed. Our land is not for the weak." Strangely, food began to grow scarce, and frigid winds escalated in the summer months. The dark will of Mavkaii spread.   Soon King Eirick's closest advisors and friends turned against him. They claimed he was nothing like his father and lead his proud people to ruin. For their survival, a rebellion was born. The Caelian common folk ended Eirick's reign in a great uprising unseating the king and putting him to death.   As the King lay in the blood-soaked snow, the Black Ice clan plunging their blades into his body, King Eirick cried out - "the Fog Isles are mine in life and shall remain mine in death. I shall return and restore glory to my birthright. Then you will suffer the slowest, surest demise". King Eirick's maul flashed a sickly blue light as the life fled from his body.   After his death, King Eirick was entombed with his most loyal followers. The Black Ice clan left without anyone willing to accept rulership would disembark the now foul isle. Some joined Rook's Shadow to the east while others became nomads or were taken in by the Durro Darkshine Dwarves in their mountain fortress.   Unbeknownst to those in attendance at King Eirick's death, the King had been tricked into his last words by Mavkaii. The wicked Mavkaii needed more time to properly study Flesh Weaving and decided to journey into unnatural eternal life. Lichdom.   Using King Eirick's death as a ritual sacrifice, Mavkaii imbued the king's maul as one of his, now two, Phylacteries. After the Black Ice clan dissolved, Mavkaii would awaken those same Caelian warriors slain and frozen in the hard earth. With an army at his side, his gaze fell upon the fortress in the mountains, the Durro Darkshine Dwarves would serve him well.

This excerpt was made possible by the 5th Edition D&D Spell "Legend Lore" cast by Ryzen, Hanoi Human Cleric/Rogue played by Velskopio in the Dying Embers Campaign. Watch us play live or catch up on youtube at


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