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The Erenel site is undergoing major changes and lore updates. Please note only articles listed in the Gamingbrew Discord are finalized. All other articles should be considered outdated lore.
As we further explore the many unique Erenel Kingdoms, equipment options, armor, and weapon offerings will grow! Our design philosophy is to provide a variety of new and exciting items, not overshadow equipment already in game, with the ultimate goal of adding diversity to your table.
— Gamingbrew

Rules to Remember

With the introduction of new armor properties, a friendly clarification and reminder on specific rules.
  • Leafweave and Ironwood are meant to provide more armor choices for Druids.
  • Parry provides AC on one attack, not all attacks.
  • Reinforced does not stack.
  • You can benefit from only one shield a time.
  • Armor and Shields

    Light Armor

    Common among Northlanders, this padded wool helps keep the wearer warm in the frigid north.  
    Osloru Scaled Glider
    Made famous by the Osloru people in the Oyudanyi Jungles. This scaled leather armor consists of stretched leather running from under the arms to the waist, mimicking a Pteranodon.   When falling, the wearer can outstretch their arms to glide, reducing their fall speed by half and taking only 1d6 fall damage upon landing from any height. Also, for every 10 feet the wearer falls, they can move 5 feet laterally.  
    Scaled Armor
    Popular among the Ulkadia infantry, Scaled Armor is well fitted in the chest with leather tassets that hang below the waist. Scaled armor is molded with hardened scales for extra protection.

    Medium Armor

    Bronze Cuirass
    Breastplate made of Ulkadian Bronze and held together by leather straps. This armor provides protection while leaving the wearer relatively unencumbered.  
    As the name implies, leafweave is made from tree leaves woven together and coated in an alchemical sap. When the liquid hardens, the armor becomes tough, yet flexible providing ample protection. The lack of metal makes this a suitable choice for Druids.  
    Thick Hide
    Crafted from the hides of wolves, bears, and other great beasts in the North, Thick Hide provides protection with added flair.

    Heavy Armor

    Chain Hauberk
    Lighter than chain mail, chain hauberk provides ample protection while not covering the arms and legs for mobility.  
    Dwarf Plate
    Crafted from Ulkadian Bronze by the passionate Dwarfs of bronzeborn mountains, this plate armor is much heavier than standard plate and reinforced to provide extra protection to the shoulders, neck and chest.  
    Heavy Pelt
    Heavy Pelt is crafted from multiple layers of animal pelts. This heavy armor is cheap and difficult to move under but provides enough protection to warrant use until more expensive heavy armor can be obtained.  
    Almost as strong as steel, Ironroot is an extraordinary flexible root, dug up from the Elumian forest floor. After harvesting, skilled Elvish crafters meticulously shape and mold the root into easily attachable armor pieces, mimicking chain mail. The lack of metal makes this a suitable choice for Druids who can wear heavy armor.


    A small rounded shield strapped to the forearm and hand by leather straps. The Buckler can help to block incoming melee attacks if the wielder can react quickly but due to it's size, doesn't offer much protection in combat.  
    A popular choice in the Illuminated Kingdom of Grenchester, the Pavise is also known as an archer shield. This large shield is fitted with a central rigging that folds out from the bottom, allowing the Pavise to stand on its own, providing cover for someone behind it.   After placing the Pavise with an action, the user no longer benefits from the shields armor class bonus. Instead, one user behind the shield is provided with half cover or can go prone for three quarters cover. This cover is only provided if attacks come from the opposite side of the Pavise.  
    Round Shield
    Favored for its mobility, the Round Shield is strapped to the forearm by leather straps. You may still use your hand to perform somatic spells or wield a light melee weapon.  
    Tower Shield
    The enormous Tower Shield may be wielded only by those strong enough to handle the shields immense weight. Reinforced by Ulkadian Bronze, the Tower Shield provides protection unlike any other shield in Erenel.

    Special Properties

    Some Erenel armor and shields options use the following properties which are designed to work alongside official 5E weapons.
    When a creature you can see attacks you with a melee attack, you can use your reaction to parry the attack. Add half your proficiency bonus (rounded down) to your AC for one melee attack that would hit.  
    When an attack would score a critical hit against you, the attack must be rolled again against your AC with the same modifiers as the previous critical hit. If the rerolled attack hits, the critical hit is confirmed. If the rerolled attack missed, the critical hit instead becomes a normal hit.


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