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Hello and welcome to the Gamingbrew Community! My name is Lee aka Brews, and I have spent the last 20-years as a dungeon master, world builder, writer and gamer. What once started as a home brew Dungeons and Dragons campaign three years ago, has blossomed into the development of ttrpg products including D&D supplements, live streaming on Twitch, and more! I'm extremely grateful for the progress we've made so far and beyond excited for what the future holds.


I invite you to join our community, play games with us and be nerdy! Thank you for your support in whichever way you give it; commenting, following, sharing posts, subscriptions, and patronage
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5th Edition D&D Content

Erenel Campaign Setting

Erenel is a campaign setting designed for playing Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. Elements of many great fantasy settings and multiple role-playing systems serve as inspiration in the world. If you are a reader or lover of fantasy and role-playing games, you'll feel right at home in the foundation of the setting. Start your journey with an Introduction to Erenel. I strive to provide a living world, full of intrigue, conflict, and mystery to both your games and my own. I hope my work entertains and inspires you. Erenel awaits!

Weekly Content

I create weekly content to spice up your 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons games. This content includes classes, races, subclasses, magic items, monsters, traps and more! You can expect to find both FREE and exclusive patron!


Live Campaigns

Do you like watching role playing games full of epic adventure and bad puns? is a Twitch affiliated stream featuring multiple Dungeons and Dragons campaigns set in Erenel's fictional universe. All campaigns can be watched live on Twitch with videos uploaded to YouTube 24 hours later!

Current campaigns and shows

  • Dying Embers: The Wolf Heart clan fight to usurp Ragnar Stormbearer, leader of the Warlord's Alliance to prevent him from bringing all out war on the Krovian Empire.
  • Wyrmspeaker's Revenge: A charismatic Flame Draconic believes he must fulfill a doomsday prophecy and usher in the Collapsing Star, a being of the void, destined to bring the destruction of all non Draconic people.
  • Rise of Harlock: The Nevermore Expanse, an infamous province controlled by a large Sanguis population, who openly worship and support the Scarlet Walker. This gloomy and gothic domain is proudly ruled by multiple Sanguis noble houses, all who vie for the attention of their Vampire King, Harlock Von Lishken.
  For a full schedule visit our Twitch page!


Consider joining the Gamingbrew Discord and become part of an amazing and friendly community of world builders, gamers, and lovers of Dungeons and Dragons.   If you're interested in playing in a 5E game our community runs, or discuss Erenel's lore and character customization, I highly recommend you join!
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  • Content Requests. Is there a monster, item, or other cool thing you want me to make in 5th edition D&D? Make a request and I will design it for you! Requests are made available for everyone to download, and must be within reason.

Platinum Brewer

$20 month
  • Everything in the previous tiers.
  • Downloadable Erenel artwork. High-resolution artwork voted on and available for download. Artwork is under the CC BY-NC-ND license.

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  • Everything in the previous tiers.
  • Gamingbrew Loot Drops. Loot drops happen once every 3-months and can include a wide range of gear, such as printed art, merchandise, and more!

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  • My undying gratitude
  • Send me a PM, and we can work out details on what you'd like. Ideas could be: play in a weekly game, 1-on-1 world building conversations, or special merch designed in your honor.

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