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Satchel’s represent an Erenel 5E house rule allowing for quick access to a limited number of consumables. All Player Characters are given a 1-slot satchel upon character creation with their background and have the option to purchase larger satchels during their adventurers.
  Satchels are lightweight storage containers worn over the shoulder and strapped to the person, allowing for the speedy removal of potions, scrolls, or rune stones during combat. Because the Satchel is strapped, it takes 30 seconds to fully Don or Doff, similar to getting into and out of armor.   As a Bonus Action, you may remove and use a consumable item from your Satchel. Each consumable item fills 1-slot and requires an action to store a consumable into a Satchel. Removing a consumable safely stored in a backpack falls under the House Rules Items in Combat. Placing a readily accessible item into a Satchel requires 1 action.   You may only equip one Satchel at a time if you are Medium-sized. If you are Large-sized or if your race choice has the powerful build feature, you may equip two satchels at once.   Rule clarifications If you have a healing potion in your Satchel and want to pour it down a party member's throat, administering a potion to another character is still an action.  
Satchel Rarity Available Slots Cost Crafting DC
Common 1 slot 1 gp DC 5
Uncommon 2 slots 100 gp DC 10
Rare 3 slots 500 gp DC 15
Very Rare 4 slots 1,500 gp DC 20
Legendary 5 slots 4,000 gp DC 25

Crafting a Satchel

Players can attempt to craft a satchel if they possess the materials needed and the required crafting tools. To craft equipment requiring a DC higher than 12, the player must also be proficient with the tools required.   A Satchel can be created with either Weaver’s Tools (cloth) or Leatherworker’s Tools (leather).
Item type
Satchel Slots dependant upon rarity
1 lb
Base Price
1 gp (common)
Raw materials & Components
Typically made from cloth or leather but may vary.


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