Living Erenel FAQ

What is Living Erenel?

Living Erenel is a large-scale community TTRPG, created by Gamingbrew for multiple Dungeon Masters and Players to enjoy an evolving world together. This heavily modified D&D5E/MMO experience is inspired by west march campaigns, various TTRPG shows, multiple MMOs, and RPGs.  

How do I join?

To join as a player. Join Living Erenel   To join as a dungeon master. Living Erenel Dungeon Masters   Important: Being a Gamingbrew Patron does not guarantee a character slot if sign ups are closed. Player slots expand as more Dungeon Master’s join.  

What happens after I sign up?

After you've filled out a sign up sheet, a Living Erenel moderator will contact you on Discord with a login and password for Living Erenel's Core. The Living Erenel Core holds all current player's character sheets and tokens. Here, a Living Erenel Moderator or Sherpa will help you create your character!   For a character creation overview, refer to Living Erenel Character Creation  

Do I need experience in Dungeon and Dragons to join?

Nope! Players and Dungeon Masters will help teach you the game as long as you follow our community rules.  

What if my schedule makes it difficult to play?

Living Erenel is designed to allow players with limited play time to have an opportunity to play games and be involved in the Living World. Sign up for games when you can. If you can't make that week, spending downtime or participating in 24/7 open role play is always available!  

What Virtual tabletop program do you use?

FoundryVTT. You do not need to purchase the program to play! If you've never used FoundryVTT before, the following tutortial will be helpful!    

What do I do if I need help in Living Erenel?

After joining Living Erenel, your Discord account is given the LivingErenelPlayer role. This role allows you to see the Discord channel #living-erenel-help. Post any questions in this channel or message a moderator, and we’ll help or answer any questions!  

What is the Weekly Update?

Every Thursday at 8:00 PM EST on Gamingbrew’s Twitch, Brews will be live with the Weekly Update. During the Weekly Update, players gain downtime days for the week, sign up for adventures, participate in world events, and see how the Living World has changed. The Weekly Update generally lasts for an hour and is highly recommended for staying up to date.   Important information is posted in the #weekly-update Discord channel after the live stream ends.  

How do I sign up for adventures?

During the Thursday Weekly Update, all adventures for the week are shared on the adventure schedule. The adventure schedule shows important information about each adventure (date, time, session requirements, etc.) Both the Adventure Schedule and Adventure Sign Up are activated during the update.   Players should sign up for all games they want to participate in to make it easier for the scheduling master. On Friday afternoon, adventures and all players accepted into the adventure are posted in the Discord #pending-adventures channel.  

What is Downtime?

Downtime is a weekly currency that players can spend to craft, train, and perform other tasks. The amount of downtime awarded each week changes based on events in the Living World and is discussed during the Weekly Update.  

Are player backstories canon?

All open roleplay and character backstories are not considered canon. This means you are free to create your character's life leading up to their admission into Living Erenel but will not gain any power benefits with your backstory.   However, opportunities exist to leave your mark on the world. These include Guild Quests, specific adventures/role play events, and Divinity (unlocked with Renown.)  

Can I role play as NPCs?

Only Brew Masters can role play as NPCs. Players only control their player and any pets/mounts they have trained.  

Can I PvP?

Structured PvP events are held by Dungeon Masters as World Events. PvP is not allowed during adventures, including RP adventures or open role play.  

What are seasons?

Living Erenel features themed seasons which last for 4 months at a time. When participating in an adventure and role-play event, players earn seasonal currency, which can be exchanged for items and services, many of which relate to the theme. At the end of a season, seasonal currency resets and a new theme is introduced with new rewards.  

Can I invite friends to Living Erenel?

Absolutely! If Living Erenel is OPEN, players can invite their friends and are rewarded with seasonal currency. The first (3) times a recruited player earns seasonal currency, the recruiter also earns seasonal currency.   Dungeon masters who want to run modified campaigns (chronicles) for their friends in Living Erenel are more than welcome if they follow Living Erenel rules and procedures.


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