Living Erenel FAQ

What is Living Erenel?

Living Erenel is a modified 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons game featuring multiple MMO systems to allow for a more extensive player base. The Living world takes place in the Erenel Fictional Universe and currently hosts 5 Dungeon Masters and 25+ players.  

How do I join?

To join as a player, it’s highly recommended you join our Discord first. After joining, in the #living-erenel-links discord channel, you’ll find a sign up sheet. Fill out this form when character submissions are open and you're all set! To apply, you must be either subscribed to the Gamingbrew Twitch or be a Patreon at any tier.   Important: Being a sub or patron does not guarantee a character slot if the Living World is temporarily full. Player slots expand as more Dungeon Master’s join.   To join as a dungeon master, the process is similar to joining as a player, except Brews interviews all Dungeon Masters before they can run adventures in Living Erenel. As a dungeon master, you do not need to be a sub or patron to participate and can also have a Living Erenel player if you choose.  

What happens after I sign up?

After you've filled out a sign up sheet, a Living Erenel moderator will contact you on Discord with a login and password for Living Erenel's Core. The Living Erenel Core holds all current player's character sheets and tokens. Here, the Living Erenel moderator will help you create your character!   For a character creation overview, refer to Living Erenel  

Do I need experience in Dungeon and Dragons to play?

Nope! Players and dungeon masters will help teach you the game as long as you follow the rules outlined on Discord.  

What Virtual tabletop program do you use?

FoundryVTT. You do not need to purchase the program to play!  

What do I do if I need help in Living Erenel?

After joining Living Erenel, your Discord account is given the LivingErenelPlayer role. This role allows you to see the Discord channel #living-erenel-help. Post any questions in this channel or message a moderator, and we’ll help or answer any questions!  

What is the Weekly Update?

Every Thursday at 8:00 PM EST on Gamingbrew’s Twitch, Brews will be live with the Weekly Update. During the Weekly Update, players gain downtime days for the week, sign up for adventures, participate in world events, and see how the Living World has changed. The Weekly Update generally lasts for an hour and is highly recommended for staying up to date.   Important information is posted in the #weekly-update Discord channel after the live stream ends.  

How do I sign up for adventures?

During the Weekly Update, all adventures for the week are shared on the Adventure Schedule. The adventure schedule shows important information about each adventure (date, time, level range, etc.) After sharing, an adventure sign up sheet is made available in the Discord #weekly-update channel. Both the Adventure Schedule and Adventure Sign Up are activated during the update.   Once an adventure is full, the adventure name, dungeon master, and all players running the adventure are posted in the Discord #pending-adventures channel.  

What is downtime?

Downtime is a weekly currency that players can spend to craft, train, and perform other tasks. The amount of downtime awarded each week changes based on events in the Living World and is discussed during the Weekly Update.

How do I join a Faction?

During character creation, new players can join any Living Erenel faction set to OPEN. If a Faction is set to CLOSED, only an emissary can invite a new player into the Faction. A list of members and their roles can be found on the Faction’s World Anvil Article.

Who gets Faction renown?

Players help level their Faction by earning Renown. However, this Renown score is tied directly to the player and not the Faction. If a player leaves a Faction or retires – the Renown attached to the player is removed from the Faction. If a player dies will in service of the Faction, half their total renown (rounded down) stays with the Faction forever!  

Can I PvP?

PvP is allowed in Living Erenel, but because of its significance certain rules are put in place. You can duel and even go to war with other Factions if you choose! For more rules on PvP, check out the Living Erenel: Adventuring.


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