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Walking Trading Posts

If you ever step into the harsh Oyudanyi, where large reptiles roam the tropical jungles, you must listen for the walking earthquake. Thunderous footfalls may signal a Calliocanthus is near and with it, the brief relief of civilization.
— Floriana Cortes the Pirate Queen
The robust but docile Calliocanthus are a larger breed of brontosaurus genetically modified by Osloru Shaman to serve as mobile trading posts. Trained merchant riders wander the dense jungles and snaking rivers from village to village, bringing both news of current events and valuable trade goods. If you happen upon a Calliocanthus Trading Post on the road, one of which it typically makes on its own accord, merchant riders are always happy to sell their wares if coin or trade is made readily available.   It is common for the visiting populace to become lost and near starvation, only to be rescued by the sound of a traveling Calliocanthus. Merchant riders carry uniquely curated care packages, blessed by the same Osloru Shaman, to aid those in need. Be wary for no aid is free, especially in the dangerous Oyudanyi Jungle.

Basic Information

Ecology and Habitats

Calliocanthus prefer and flourish in the untamed tropical wilderness. The hot and humid jungles regularly see temperatures climb to 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, with a reprieve of 70 degrees Fahrenheit at night. Typically, rain falls daily in the Oyudanyi Jungle ranging from torrential downpours to a light cooling mist. The Osloru claim if you look closely into the Calliocanthus eyes during downpours, you’ll see a twinkle of bliss.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Calliocanthus are herbivores living entirely off of vegetation. Their enormous size forces a necessity of constant eating from the moment they wake til nightfall. Luckily for the species, the Oyudanyi jungles are bursting with plant life.
Average Height
20 feet high
Average Weight
28,000 lb
Average Length
90 feet long from head to tail
Geographic Distribution
by Dean Spencer


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