The Sabbat House

The Sabbat House is a house built on shifting sands on South Mountain in Avalon, Vinland appearing to those in need to transport them to the otherworld.   Nicholstone Manor was one of the first Manor Houses constructed after the charter of Avalon was established, in 1634 by Victor Fraser, the Dark Lord of Nicholstone who moved is family holdings to the new province to aid Ina Blackwood, his long time patron and friend.

Purpose / Function

Originally the home of the Fraser family, the Freehall has served as the site of where many former wrecca found their way home. Primarily as a stop on the Underground Railroad and later for any who found it or were sent there.   If Michael Blackwood would have had his way, it would have served as the base from which units were sent out to foment slave rebellions and the checkpoint for their liberation from the wrecca world, but treaties signed with the wrecca authorities after the hunts of the 1700's restrained him from taking such drastic actions.


After the murder of Dark Lord Fraser in 1778 by the Independent Red Union, an elite group of hunters sponsored by the Mad King George the third, the estate fell into disrepair.   In 1793, after the Wrecca passed the Fugitive Slave Act, Dark Lord Michael Blackwood gathered a group of elders and drymenn together to refurbish the Manor and convert the foundation to Shifting Sand so it would sink into the Otherworld. Once done, they enchanted to structure to return to the mortal world should a desperate soul find it in need of refuge.   The enchantments sealed the house to all without a challenge coin given to them in good faith, or in rare instances if they spirits chose to welcome the soul home.   The Freehall at Nicholstone Manor as it was renamed was provisioned with loyal Salians stationed within ever since.


The site has become an attraction for both Sith Thyrsa and Wrecca alike. In Aernadael, it is visited for its true history. For the wrecca, it has become an urban legend of the Sabbat House that appears on dark nights to steal the souls of those who get trapped within.   Once the wrecca name of the Sabbat House became known in Aernadael, it became the most popular name there as well.

Founding Date
Alternative Names
Manor house / Meeting hall
Parent Location
Blackwood County


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