Nightfall Manor

Nightfall Manor is the seat of authority for Dark Lady Ina Blackwood and functions as the capitol of Blackwood County and the Province of Avalon.

Purpose / Function

Nighfall Manor was built under the careful direction of Dark Lord Alaric Blackwood to function as a home for the Blackwood family and as their seat of power in Vinland. Over the centuries, it has functioned as the base for the Salian Order and as the initial site of Blackwood Abbey.


The Manor was refurbished in the 1770's to defend against spies and saboteurs from loyal to the Wrecca crown. It's defenses were bolstered in the 1860's and again in the 1980's after the Blackwood Blizzard of 1979.   The most extensive restoration took place in the 1920's when it was modernized and given the Art Deco aesthetic it has to this day.


The Manor was designed by the Dark Lord to function as a home, seat of government, and as a safe house for the Dark Gentry passing through the county. The building is riddled with secret passages and an extensive crypt to keep them safe from the sun light during the day.


Tourist are allow on the grounds of the estate, but since it is a private residence, they are only allow inside on a couple days a year.

Founding Date
Alternative Names
Doom House, The Dragon Nest, The Queen's
Manor house / Meeting hall
Parent Location
Owning Organization
Blackwood County Council


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