Blackwood County

Blackwood County is the largest county in Avalon Province of Vinland. It is under the leadership of Dark Lady Ina Blackwood.


Blackwood County incorporates most of the wrecca state of Maryland.

Fauna & Flora


  • Austras Koks
  • Fern flowers
  • Moly
  • Witch Trees (look like a gnarled cypress with colored luminous orbs around them)


  • The American Unicorn
  • Ball-tailed cat
  • Demon Cat
  • The European Alicorn (Winged Unicorn)
  • Goatman or American Satyr
  • Hyote
  • Leprechauns (guarding Braddock's Treasure)
  • Snallygaster, Schneller Geist or "Quick Ghost"
  • Snarly yow
  • Tailypo
  • Wampus cat

Natural Resources

  • Wells of Azoth, a mercury-like fluid drawn from the earth that is used as medicine.


Blackwood County was founded as one of only two counties in the Province of Avalon, the other, Falconer County was later divided into Falconer, Gallagher, Wright, Quinn, and Gresham under the Commonwealth Act of 1790, but the Blackwood family managed to maintain their holdings through astute negotiations of both Alaric and Ina Blackwood.


  • Map of Blackwood County
Alternative Name(s)
The Wood
Included Locations
Owning Organization
Blackwood County Council
Characters in Location


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Thank you. I wish I could take full credit for all of them, but many came from the folklore of Maryland where the story takes place. I plan to build our full articles for al of them.

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