Shadrach Amynson

Shadrach Amynson (a.k.a. Shad the traveller, defender, embracer, or pathfinder)

Shadrach Amynson, or Shad as he is known to the people of Blackwood County His real identity.
In fact, he is known under several other names, Khonsu, Aku, Sin, and Sayin.
Most people see him day to day as the kindly old man who goes from coffee house to coffee house and diner to diner throughout the day.   It isn't strange to see him in a city park or village square sitting on a bench feeding the birds and talking to them as if they were his best friends.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Rumors persist that Shad is one of the Old Gods, and that he is secretly manipulating both the government of Aernadael and of the Wrecca United States. When asked, he always looks up with a playful grin and says, "I don't have time to control anything. I just listen and talk.   This much is know. He is an elder or great age and wisdom, and he has the ear of many powerful people.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Life

Shad was born durning the Golden Age, to his father Amun and his mother Mut. Together the three ruled Thebes, Kemet. His mother Mut and Nyx fought to claim the skies, and he did not want to engage in their bickering, so he traveled throughout the region, and took the city of Ur where he lived in E-gish-shir-gal or the House of the Great Light as him home and built the E-hul-hul or "House of Joys" in Harran.
The Age of Night
During the Age of Night, Dark Lord Nabu Vindonnus, Shad's close friend and ally, convinced him to join the fight against her tyranny. Shad acted as a courier and spy throughout the war.
The first records of Amynson 1098, when he arrived in Aernadael as a refugee from the Wrecca Crusades. His name appears in the records as Sayin al-Noor or Amyson the wanderer, and he lived up to the name.   He traveled between Trivian Villages, never staying in one of them for too long. Rumor has it he often stayed with his friend Azariah Belson, another Rephaite who is said to have taken his name in honor of Shad.   When Vinland was first settled, Shad and Zari left to find a home among the people who never knew the Age of Night, where nothing would remind them of the world and lives they lost

Accomplishments & Achievements

There is hardly a soul in Blackwood County who hasn't sat with Shad or Shad and Zari to talk about their problems. Many consider them their conscience. They are the spiritual grandparents of the county.

Intellectual Characteristics

To those who have never had a conversation with him, Shad is kindly, but forgetful old man. Whether that is an act or not is open to debate, but when engaged in conversation, he is a font of wisdom.

Wealth & Financial state

Shad always seems to have money on him.

Current Location
Blackwood County
Trivian Folk
Date of Birth
August 8th, redacted
3225 BCE
Gender Identity
Silvery White
Skin Tone
Known Languages
A language that he does not know has yet to be found.


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