The founding shadowland of Avalon, Nightfall was established by Dark Lord Alaric Blackwood and Dark Lady Ina Blackwood in 1634 after the region was scouted by Elias Millgrave.   The Blackwoods have lived in Nightfall since its founding, and it serves as the county seat of Blackwood County. It is second in population in Blackwood County. Only Thebes near the wrecca capital of Washington DC has more people in it.   In the city center is an abstract sculpture of Dark Lady Ina Blackwood slaying her mother Nyx. The town takes its name from this pivotal event in history.


In the wake of the Blackwood Blizzard of 1979, defenses of the city have been bolstered. The details are not public to prevent people from thwarting them.


The seat of power in Blackwood County,  was founded as one of only two counties in the Province of Avalon, the other, Falconer County was later divided into Falconer, Gallagher, Wright, Quinn, and Gresham under the Commonwealth Act of 1790, but the Blackwood family managed to maintain their holdings through astute negotiations of both Alaric and Ina Blackwood.   During the Blackwood Blizzard of 1979, Koschei the Deathless attacked Nightfall with the aide of Jontunns, Yuki-onna, Yuki-musume, and Yukinba.   The snow maidens flew through the blizzard, striking wyverns from the sky like small birds. Blood fell like sleet through amid the snow and wind.   While the Sailans mobilized to protect the county, Koschei set his sites on Nightfall and the Manor house. He indiscriminately attacked the homes of the citizens to draw the Dark Lord and Lady out. Children screamed into the frigid night as their lives were ripped from them.   Alaric and Ina took to the sky. Even their dragon wings struggled against the cold and the gale, and they fought to see through the preternatural gloom in the air.   Fire, lightning, wind, blades and claws clashed. Terror and death reigned the heavens as the Blackwoods fought to save the town.   A terrible wail broke through the night and continued through the day. Sounds of sorrow not heard since the wars of old. Waves of sadness compelled all who heard them to collapse in tears.   After the storm cleared, Nightfall lay in ruins and the Dark Lady wept beside the towering flame that had been her husband, Alaric.   Once the city was rebuild, a cenotaph was constructed to honor the memory of Alaric Blackwood across from the statue of the Nightslayer he loved so much so their stone eyes would always gaze at each other.


People journey to Nighfall to visit the Manor and to pray at the cenotaph of Dark Lord Blackwood.

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Blackwood County
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Blackwood County Council


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