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Novus Ordo

After the last battles of the Descent Wars and the redistribution of power around the globe, it was evident that the world could never return to its previous state. Entire countries were erased from the map, governments were no longer elected and people had no reason or will to return to their obligations. Chaos reigned.
  As a measure of self-preservation, the heads of the all-powerful Eight Families of Paneuropa gathered in its newly founded capital, Neu Bonn, to establish an order for what remained of the world. After weeks of negotiations, they drafted the Novus Ordo, a set of rules to bring order to chaos, structure to anarchy. In order to achieve this, individual freedoms had to be abolished.   The Families would have total control of the police and the army. Of course, they already did, but after the Novus Ordo there was no need to work from behind the scenes anymore. They formed multinational Conglomerates that controlled every major product, service or activity. The Conglomerates became the State, and the Families became the rulers.  
  The Ordo introduced and enforced the division of the general population in Castes, according to their social and professional status:  
Dirt - people who are considered non-persons by the system
Plebis - people who exist and function outside the system
Collars - the working force of the Conglomerates
Luminaries - Members of The Eight Families, up to fourth degree of consanguinity to the Heads.   People working for the Conglomerates were provided with basic goods like food, housing and security. Everyone else had to fend for themselves. As long as they didn’t interfere with the State, the State wouldn’t bother them. But for whomever went against the Novus Ordo, there was only one system of justice; exile to the Sunlands, in other words, certain death! In the beginning, many silently opposed the new order, as it crushed any idea of individuality and freedom. While the few protests that followed were met with ruthless violence, those seeking some kind of structure in their lives saw the Novus Ordo as the only viable solution. And so, the world was divided in two. Those who were part of the Ordo, and those who were not.


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