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The Conglomerates were created after the Families'’ accession, following the Descent Wars, as a way to centralize control and authority. The goal was for every kind of commercial, governmental and social activity to be routed through and administered by the Conglomerates.
  Small and medium-sized businesses were wiped out, their owners ended up either working as Collars or demoted to one of the lower Castes. Each of the eight Conglomerates belongs to and is operated by its corresponding Family. It encompasses a large number of sub-corporations with various activities, but it has one central field it specializes in and monopolizes.  
  The families exchange these special services or products between them, making them the glue that holds their alliance together.   Conglomerate names, monopolies and controlling Families:   Hellios - Solar Batteries - Diedrich Family
Ilanga - Minerals - Duma Family
Taiowa - Drugs - Carver Family
Inti - Nutriments - Vargas Family
Sūryaprabha - Advanced Robotics - Xia Family
Amaterasu - Weaponry - Itoku Family
Grian - Intelligence - Maxwell Family
Shams - Crude Oil - Al Hadid Family


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