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The Collars are middle-class workers that constitute the main workforce for the Conglomerate ecosystem.
  They are made up of the Black and Red Collars who are the bones and muscles of the corporations, respectively. As food and clean water have become the most valuable of goods, the safest way for people to have access to them is by signing up with one of the Eight Conglomerates. In doing so, they have to resign their free will and obey Corpo Rule.   Black Collars are the management personnel of the various sub-corporations and organizations controlled by the Families. They have access to upgraded housing, sufficient food rations, health services and they are even permitted to have 2 hours of free personal time per week.   Red Collars comprise the working force responsible for everything that needs to be done for the system. Ranging from garbage collection, to mechanical engineering and accounting, the people doing the work are considered Red Collars. They are offered basic housing and healthcare, limited food rations and they are not permitted to have any free time outside the Corpo Rule.   In order to maximize work efficiency, a promotion system has been devised allowing Red Collars to ascend to Black. To achieve that, they have to outperform their colleagues and their adversaries by a given percentage. Since most people live their whole lives hoping for that promotion, competition is fierce and performance is brilliant. Every three years, the successful candidate has to prove they are worthy to replace the current Black Collar to a committee. If they fail, which is often the case, they return to the Red Collar ranks.   Red Collars are allowed to have only one child, while Black Collars are allowed two, provided they have managed to keep their position for at least two terms.


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