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Neu Bonn

The capital city of Paneuropa, Neu Bonn, is the northernmost metropolis of the continent. The city is built on top of where Cairo used to be in the Old World.
  It consists of two equally massive areas, the Citadel, where the upper Castes live and work, and The Center, a ghetto surrounded by the Catharsis Wall, enclosing the lower Castes. It was strategically placed so as to control the massive solar-power factories in Sahra, the Diedrich Family’s main source of income and authority. It is located dangerously close to the Sunlands, making it a stiflingly hot place to live in. The towering building of the Hellios Conglomerate overshadows the City, conveying its role as the economical and governmental epicenter for the Diedrichs, one of the most powerful Families amongst the Eight.  
  Also located in Neu Bonn are the headquarters of the Church of Ra, a meta-religion that preaches about the divine powers of the Sun. The Pyramid of Radiance, also known as the Fourth Pyramid, is a place of mystery for most, and a source of inspiration for a number of rumors and conspiracy theories.


The world 92 years after the Lapse.


Art by
1SickPuppy / Greece


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