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Catharsis Wall

The Catharsis Wall, also referred to as the C-Wall, was first raised in Neu Bonn, around the area that came to be known as The Center, after the events of the First Uprising.
  It encloses an area of 254 km², separating the Center and the people living within the wall from the City and those living outside working for the Conglomerates.  
  The concrete wall stands 40 meters tall, and it is continuously guarded from the outside, making it impossible to cross. It is equipped with various sensors that detect all kinds of activity on or around its surface. Efforts to climb it or tunnel under it are always met with lethal force, so attempts to leave the Center have become just a dream for most.   The C-Wall has only two openings, the Avernus and Taenarus Gates, used by traders licensed by the Conglomerates and controlled by the Syndicates. Its main use, though, is to function as a passage through which inefficient and unworthy Collars who are demoted to the lowest Castes are transferred. In recent years, more and more Collars are being sent to the already overpopulated Center. A number of other cities around Paneuropa followed in Neu Bonn’s steps and raised their own Catharsis Walls to contain their lower Castes.


The capital of Paneuropa.


Art by
Brandonfcreative / USA


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