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The Center

The Center is an area of 254 km² in the city of Neu Bonn, surrounded by the Catharsis Wall. It hosts around 45 million members of the lowest Castes, Plebis and Dirt, who are not permitted to leave, as dictated by the Novus Ordo. It has developed its own economies, social structures and balances, and it operates completely detached from the City outside the C-Wall.
  Even under those hazardous conditions, there are those who have more and those who have nothing. The Center has been divided in five districts, controlled by the respective Syndicates, which in turn divide and share smaller regions with their subordinate gangs.  
  As Neu Bonn was built on top of the city formerly known as Cairo, the people belonging to the Plebis caste were given the buildings of the eastern part of the city to live in. Those belonging to the Dirt caste were not as lucky, forced to live on the streets in shacks made out of cardboard and plywood. In addition to the unbearable heat, when monsoon season hits, the majority of their sheds are destroyed.   Conglomerates don’t make their presence known in the Center, although everybody is aware that the place is packed with their spies. Still, Praetorian Airships circle above, reminding everyone they are constantly being watched.


The capital of Paneuropa.


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