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Due to The Lapse, Earth’s axis tilted, causing the northern hemisphere to constantly face the Sun. After a while, night never came and temperatures kept rising, scorching the land, killing all flora and forcing every living being to migrate south.
  Following the years of the Descend Wars, the North was almost completely abandoned. Buildings still stand, a wealth of resources that couldn’t be moved is still intact, but no one is able to travel there anymore.  
  The only living beings still capable of entering the Sunlands for brief periods of time are the Subhumans. Their bodies, hardened and deformed by radiation, can withstand temperatures never dropping below 80°C. At the same time, the rumors about cool pockets of land in the Sunlands have not been proven due to lack of relevant evidence. Expeditions to locate such places have been funded by the Conglomerates, in hopes of wealth and resources, but no members of the crews have ever returned.   The Sunlands have been used as a place of mass exile, proving an excellent destination where millions of undesired people can be sent to their death.


The capital of Paneuropa.


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