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The Lapse

Ninty three years ago, Earth's orbit was perturbed, deviating from its stellar path, causing the planet to slowly move towards the sun.
  The phenomenon was originally named Terrestrial Orbit Lapse but came to be widely known as the Lapse. In the first years after its occurrence, concerns from the scientific community started to be raised. In the early days, the effects of the orbit shift were hardly noticeable, so those concerns were met with disbelief and scorn. Most of the world’s governments, although secretly monitoring the phenomenon, chose not to inform the public in order to avoid panic.  
  Around the third year after the Lapse, the signs could no longer be ignored. Days became longer in the northern hemisphere, the moon in the night sky seemed to be shrinking, animals’ behavior became erratic. All while the heat kept rising, slowly at first, but steadily increasing.   Conspiracy theories flooded every available medium, some of them examining the facts, but most of them spreading misinformation serving all kinds of agendas. The truth became as elusive as the sense of security. People realized they were being lied to by those in charge, and tensions rose by the day.



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