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Vampire Frenzy

There is no manifestation of the vampire curse more visible, more surprising, or more traumatic than the state known as "frenzy". The overriding of rational thought with the violent, uncluttered instinct of the Beast is a deeply horrifying experience, and many Kindred have suffered the terrible losses as a result.   Sometimes, the Beast grows impatient. When the vampire faces danger, hunger, or threat, the Beast goads her to immediate and extreme response, usually meaning a blood-soaked frenzy. Frenzy comes from many sources, but always shares the same response: End the problem by any means necessary (fight, feed, flee).   The beast will attempt to accomplish its desire with immediate, forceful, and destructive abandon. It however is not stupid and may use Disciplines or lash out with predatory aura.  
Resisting Frenzy
To resist the Beast, roll Integrity + highest of Resolve or Composure. Check the suggested situation providing modifiers depending on the circumstance. During a frenzy taking any action contrary to the Beast’s agenda requires a point of Willpower per turn.
Botch or dramatic failure on this roll results in frenzy, and the character cannot end the frenzy until she reaches a Breaking Point. If the Beast gets its desire, choose a new one. Gain 3 Momentum.   Failure
Failure means the character succumbs to frenzy. Gain 1 Momentum.   Success
Success means she resists the Beast, but gains the Tempted Condition.   Tame the Beast [4s]
(Exceptional Success)
Not only do you resist the Beast, but regain a point of spent Willpower, and any Willpower spent fighting the Beast during the scene.
Willpower cannot be spent for enhancement to resist frenzy. Willpower has a different effect. A point of Willpower holds off the Beast for one turn. The vampire visibly fights the frenzy. She may growl, hiss, smash something, or sprint off. But she’s temporarily in control. However, she must still face her Beast. Once she stops spending Willpower roll to resist frenzy like normal, but +1 Enhancement for each Willpower point spent. So, if you spend four Willpower points for your character to take four turns fighting her frenzy, on the fifth turn, roll to resist frenzy with a +4 Enhancement bonus.
The Frenzy
When in frenzy, the vampire becomes stronger, faster, and tougher. Her Beast drives her to feats of terrifying physical prowess.  
  • The Beast gains the benefit of Physical Intensity applied to all three Physical Attributes without expending Vitae for the duration of the Frenzy.
  • The Beast Gains the Unrelenting Edge (TCC 204) for the duration of the Frenzy. This allows the Beast to ignore penalties from Injury Conditions. This does not actually heal the injuries and the character will feel the full effects once the scene is over.
  • The Beast gains a modified version of the Indomitable Egde (TCC 67). Your character’s mind belongs to the Beast. The Enhancement to resist mind and emotional control is equal to the Physical Intensity enhancement. The Beast will always spend 1 WP to ignore such control even after a failed roll. Touchstones and special frenzy and rage nullifying powers may bypass this.
  • The Beast driving by frenzy and lacking the restraint of man can now grab and bite their prey far easier, as she ravenously mauls her victim. The Vampire Feed Stunt is reduced by one success, now costing 0 + variable (see Vampire Feed Stunt). A successful Vampire Feed Stunt leaves the Scared Condition.

Vampire Physical Intensity

0 - 21+21
3 - 52+43
6 - 103+66
    Ending Frenzy
What does the beast want? Frenzy usually ends when that occurs. Some special abilities or torpor may end a frenzy. A Touchstone of a vampire may attempt to talk that vampire down from frenzy. Characters other than touchstones may not talk a frenzied vampire down even through disciplines, however they may divert their attention.    

Frenzy - Anger & General

Dead friend1c
Dead lover2c
Destruction of Major Property1c
Destruction of Minor Property1e
Hurt friend--
Hurt lover1c
On Elysium grounds1e
Open wound - Major1c
Open wound - Minor1e
Provocation is expected1e
Provocation is a surprise1c
Provocation was a Rival1c
Provocation was a Touchstone1e
Publicly Ostracized1c
Serious insult by an inferior1c
Serious insult by a superior--
Wounded - Major2c
Wounded - Minor1c
  Frustration, irritation, provocation and betrayal can lead to rage frenzy, unleashing the Beast in a burst of uncontrollable violence. The anger frenzy takes precedence over all other types, and a vampire can slide without warning from hunger or fear, turning on others nearby and attacking them with unbidden fury.    

Frenzy - Hunger

Smell of blood if ...
Hungry (Vitae 3-4)1c
Starving (Vitae 2 or less)2c
  Wassail is a shameless expression of the hunger of the vampire, overriding thought and decorum with a repulsive display of voracious self-indulgence. Kindred caught up in Wassail will feed openly from the nearest available source of blood, desperate to drain every last drop. A vampire may attempt to regain control when they are no longer hungry (5 or more Vitae).    

Frenzy - Flight

Fire - Large (Burning Building)2c
Fire - Small (Torch)1c
Sunlight - Aggravated2c
Sunlight - Lethal1c
  Sunlight, fire and certain Kindred Disciplines may provoke Rotschreck, forcing an otherwise rational vampire to unthinking flight. A vampire caught in the grip of the "Red Terror" is nothing more than an animal, following the fundamental instinct of self-preservation.          

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