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Miss Eleth
Lady of the Invictus

Neonate of Clan Mekhet
1st of Ancillae Odelus
3rd of Family Elder Elzar
10th of Clan Elder Vikas
of Mekhet Anteduluvian
Hakim the Unseen
Blood of Vecna

Eleth is a young and ambitious Kindred turned by Clan Mekhet within the last 20 years. Despite her youth, she was already well aware of the power of words and titles within the night society of the ever-living, and so she chose to join the Invictus Covenant. With the age and power of the Invictus it was rare for them to take in a neonate, especially one as young as Eleth. However, she has a way of gravitating towards those in power and advantageous positions. This allows her to absorb and learn while making herself useful to them. Seeing the intersection or information, words and titles is the primary reason the Mekhet selected her.
  Despite her apparent youth, Eleth is quite strong, with a medium build that was soft in appearance but deceptively powerful. Her sable black hair, with curls that bounced past her shoulders, was just as striking as her defined abs and toned legs. Her thin eyebrows and cherry sweet lips only added to her already intoxicating presence. Eleth was known for her elegant personality and cheerful demeanor, and she had a way of making herself the center of attention, even when she chose not to. Her natural charisma and charm had an intoxicating effect on those around her, and it was easy to see why she had already gained so much success in such a short amount of time.
  During a recent tournament gathering of Kindred in their new tasked city she accepted an offer mentorship from Mekhet Chosen Malik.
Currently Held Titles
Dark brown
Long curly Sable black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Silky smooth slight tan
5' 9"
Aligned Organization

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