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Neonate: An "Old Form" term to describe a recently Embraced vampire.[1]     WHITE WOLF   WHITE WOLF Neonate   ADVERTISEMENT Neonate: An "Old Form" term to describe a recently Embraced vampire.[1] AgeNeonate.png In Vampire: The Masquerade and Vampire: The Requiem, a neonate is a recently embraced vampire that has passed through the initial stages of vampiric existence, the fledgling stage. It is the sire's responsibility to ensure that the childe does not embarrass itself or its sire in vampiric society. Derogatorily, a neonate is often called a whelp.   Neonates are generally lightly involved in the true machinations of undead society. They aren't powerful enough to really matter, and are consequently used primarily as pawns by their elders. Conversely, they still have an investment in the mortal world of the 21st century and are less likely to adhere to the feudal character of vampiric society.   After approximately a century of unlife (in VtM) or fifty years of the Requiem (in VtR), a vampire is called an ancilla.  
  Neonate: A neonate is a vampire who has not been independent for very long. In America, this generally means a vampire who is somewhere between 25 and 100 years old (has spent this much time as a vampire). The vampire in question is still inexperienced and generally lives on the sufference of the rest of the local Kindred, but is considered responsible for his or her own actions, with no reprecussions or rewards for his or her behavior to his or her sire, except as regards reputation.  
  These are the coyote stories.   They are the tales rooted in emotion and the fundamentals of the vampire experience. These are naked fangs running on raw nerves, and moment to moment struggles with the Beast. You’re a monster so close to being human. You are a predator afraid of all the bigger predators. You are afraid of all the things you don’t know, and you don’t know most things. These are the thrilling tales of running. Run, run, run!   Neonates survive night to night, forming loose groups. Mistakes are inevitable. Plans have to change on the turn of the unlucky dime. You are the mutt, the down-and-out, the fleet-footed scavenger staying one step ahead of calamity.   Revel in the excitement of the unpredictable. The elder knows what he will be doing in 50 years. You don’t know where you’ll be in 10 minutes. Yours is the desperate power, the x-factor. Everyone else, ancillae on up, will underestimate you. They have their reasons, but you can surprise them. Sometimes it takes just one moment to shake the totem pole. Neonates can even surprise themselves, in wonderful and horrible ways.   In the All Night Society, the neonates bear the dread weight of all above them. They are the numerous, the expendable. The ancillae influence you, and so do the elders through them. Gravity is the unfair tyrant; blood flows up and shit flows down. If you could just survive another night.
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