Purple Ivy

Purple ivy is a further mutation from a genetically mutated interbreeding of ivy, poison ivy and a Venus flytrap. It is most common in North America and Europe, where it spreads like a weed in the sprawls.

During the decade of mutations, as the last decade of the last century is also called, seeds of rare, genetically mutated plants entered the wild. The plants released in this way mixed with other, naturally occurring plants. One of the resulting hybrids is the purple ivy.

— A History of Calyria

Basic Information


From first sight, the Purple Ivy looks like ordinary Ivy with gradient coloured leaves. The leaves range from a deep blood-red to a bright and intense purple. On second sight, you will recognize the slightly feathered 6-folded leaves. They grow in pairs on a filigrane, red coloured twigs. The whole plant is aerial rooted, but grows together to something tree-stem-like.

The twigs are covered in fine nettle-hair, which break off when you touch them and inject a poison into your blood. This poison causes Nettle Fever, Hallucinations and can even cause Paralysis for allergic people.

Genetics and Reproduction

The Purple Ivy is a hermaphrodite plant. This means that it is male and female at the same time. While it is possible to reproduce Purple Ivy by simply parting the parent plant, the main method seems to be pollination through the air.

Growth Rate & Stages

While the common Ivy needs several decades to cover up a building, the Purple Ivy grows much faster. From a young plant to a full grown plant it needs only five years. More aggressive variants of the Purple Ivy can even grow on steel, chrome or even glass. This makes the plant pretty dangerous for building structures, because it penetrates deep into the building materials.

To propagate the plant by division it needs to be at least one year old.

Ecology and Habitats

This Ivy variant was created to grow on sour earth and urban environment. It can penetrate stone, steel and other building materials easily, which is why it grows in nearly every city of Northern America and Europe. The plant reproduces aggressively and has almost completely displaced other urban plants.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Since the urban environment doesn't provide the amount of nutrition the plant needs, and since one of its genetic ancestors is a venus flytrap, this plant is carnivore. The mere size it can reach enables it to consume large birds, dogs, rats and even children or weakened humans.

Once the plant senses the aura of a living creature, it starts to move near it and tries to wrap itself around its prey. The strong twigs will strangle the prey and pull it closer to the center of the plant. The paralyzing poison will prevent even adults from fleeing.

If the plant manages to wrap itself around its prey, it will slowly consume it via a poisonous secretion from its leaves.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Besides the aggressive nature of the Purple Ivy, which makes it more a weed than a useful plant, it has certain uses large corporations want to exploit. But there is also a huge market for the Purple Juice, the poison that this plant produces. It has strong hallucinogen effect, which makes it a perfect, cheap drug for the poor people in the sprawl.

Medics, corporations and rich people see the opportunity to use the high vitamin concentration within the leaves and the twigs to enrich the Soy Paste, most people have for food on a daily basis. This would make the production of food even cheaper and increase the revenue corporations will get from it.

Perception by the population

While corporations see the nutritious value of the plant, they also see the danger that this plant will destroy buildings and structures if it grows uncontrolled. They want to cultivate the plant, so it can't reproduce itself anymore. The poor people in the cities see more dangers, because the hungry and aggressive plants grow everywhere and are not picky in what they consume.

There is a strong movement that wants to destroy all the plants and banish the usage forever. Other groups want to cultivate the plant and try to breed a less aggressive version.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Purple Ivy is originated in the Northern Americas. It was imported to Europe by Travellers and garderners who saw the decorative appearance and not the dangerous behaviour.

Today you can find this plant in every sprawl of the Northern Americas and the European Countries.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

I would swear that this damn, greedy weed can just smell you from a mile away. It's time that we kill it with fire.

— Sly

In the first years, when this plant emerged from the mutations and genetic modifications, even scientists were not sure, how this plant hunts and senses the presence of prey. Only two years ago, a Magical Adept found out, that the plant also reacts to creatures and species which are only present in the astral plane. Further studies revealed that the plant in fact is capable to "sense" the Auras of living creatures.

Scientific Name
Magicis purpura hedera
North America
Conservation Status
In the wilderness or the sprawls this plant is considered a dangerous weed. There are movements of medics and pharmaceutics who want to cultivate it for medical purpose.
Geographic Distribution
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Master Monkos
Andrew Booth
13 Mar, 2021 09:02

I love the contrast between the corporate bodies wanting to use it and the poorer people having troubles with it - does that symbolise further class tensions? Really nice article!

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Fabled Legend Davina
Susanne Lamprecht
30 Mar, 2021 06:56

Thank you for your kind comment! Yes, the situation with the purple ivy is just a symbol for deeper and further class tensions and problems in the world.

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25 Mar, 2021 22:16

Hello! Thanks for your submission. That was an interesting take on an excessively invasive plant. You mentionned the plant can move in the presence of potential preys. How much of it can move? in how much of a distance? Are entirely wooden section able to move as well? That sounds like a pretty dangerous thing to cultivate. Also, is it really worth it if you need to regularly feed it preys?   All in all, a pretty good article.

With love,   Pouaseuille.   Here's my Bard entry, should anyone be interested in a mess of investigation reports!
Fabled Legend Davina
Susanne Lamprecht
30 Mar, 2021 06:58

Hello and thank you for your comment! The purple ivy can move up to 1m in 10 seconds, limited in some regards because of the wooden structure in its center. And since lives are cheap in Calyria, the prey part is nothing corporations worry about.

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29 Mar, 2021 21:35

The plant sounds like a nightmare for the urban areas. At first I thought it was already anoying with its building destroying capabilities but the fact that it can even eat people makes it all the more scarier. I am in camp 'Kill it with fire' :p Really good article!

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2 Apr, 2021 04:14

I love that you had an "exploitation" section.   As I started reading this, my mind shifted to how I could use it for nefarious purposes. My mind then went to imagining stumbling across this plant as it munched down on a stray kid and his dog.   Woah.   Very disturbing...and very clever. But then again, I know you--and clever is expected.   (HUGE grin)

Your New Author Friend =)
My World
7 Apr, 2021 14:40

Hi Davina!   First, your cover image is amazing, and I think the combination red neon in your article title, page border, and hover effect on H2 is incredible. The tone of your page design and use of the cityscape background fit the plant design well. Purple Ivy's ability to propogate in ill-suited earth and construction materials is a nice touch, and its impact on the 'urban plant' ecosystem is logical. I really like the contrast of the 'its useful but dangerous' as a general social pressure that you've also given the ability to vary using an individual's "class". I also appreciate thesimilarity in the plant's use as a cheap drug and to enrich a (presumably) equally cheap food source that contributes to the 'rich vs poor' theme. All-in-all, fantastic article!

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
11 Apr, 2021 22:06

Great article and very cool plant! I love that apparently this is just growing in random corner of the cities, ready to grasp and eat anyone coming a bit too close XD   Here are a few notes I took while reading:   " This Ivy variant was created to grow on sour earth and urban environment." Who created it and why did they think it was a good idea to add a carnivorous plant in the mix?   " The plant reproduces aggressively and has almost completely displaced other urban plants." To have displaced other plants would mean that people let it grows everywhere without fighting against it. Is it the case? Outside of cultivation area I would think people wouldn't want to have it in random streets.   "it will slowly consume it via a poisonous secretion from its leaves." What does it do? Dissolve the body?   " This would make the production of food even cheaper and increase the revenue corporations will get from it." It is cheap to take care of? How often does it need to eat and what size of prey?   " Further studies revealed that the plant in fact is capable to "sense" the Auras of living creatures." Even more creepy XD

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13 Apr, 2021 19:24

"Other groups want to cultivate the plant and try to breed a less aggressive version." Spoken like people that want to feature in a horror movie. I agree with that Sly, burn them all down! o_O

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