Remove the Seeds

Remove the Seeds is the first chapter in an ongoing chronicle for Calyria. I designed it for a group of 2 - 4 players, created according to the rules of WIREless.

January 2070. Radical movements of all stripes are spreading like a plague across the world. Intrigue, open warfare and chess moves that create profit for a special faction across hundred corners are the order of the day. Newport City is a haven for men, and the prime target for the efforts of the global mega-corporations and radical feminist groups.

Cybersoft Incorporated has growing interests within the city, but is held back by the city council and the vampires who rule there. As a result, the corporation organises more and more attacks on the city and its inhabitants. Faceless people of all kinds are hired and paid to cause trouble.

Under these circumstances, it is a big coincidence that a prototype for a new, experimental cybertech has been stolen from NewTech... A race against time begins. If this prototype gets in the hands of Cybersoft, a new, even more dangerous cyber plague may spread.

Player Characters

Remove the Seeds is an adventure that will not call for specific character types. It will work with any combination of player characters, but as a Chronist, make sure that they can hire somebody for specific tasks if necessary. If your characters are new to the city, your contractor may provide a contact with somebody who may know someone with your required skills and abilities.

Adventure Structure

Each chapter in this chronicle follows a certain pattern, a certain structure, which the Chronist can use as a guide. For Remove the Seeds, we use this structure:

  1. Main Article
    In the main article, you will find basic information, like the Background Flavour on top, Recommended Player Characters and a Scene Overview.
  2. Scene 1: Not the usual request
    The player characters are contacted by their local contact, who wants to offer them a meeting with a potential Client. This is a straightforward contact and meeting scene.
  3. Scene 2: Grab and Run
    In this scene, the characters steal a blueprint from a New York construction company.
  4. Scene 3: Do you want to pay in blood?
    When they come back, they are contacted again and hired to investigate a new business in the city.
  5. Scene 4: Deep in Hell
    The characters infiltrate the Newport Chop Systems and search for the required information.
  6. Scene 5: A simple side job
    The characters are contacted again and hired to steal a package from a local Gang.
  7. Scene 6: Grab and Run - again
    In this scene, the player characters will steal back the package from the Brides of Doom.
  8. Scene 7: Low Profile
    In this scene, the player characters will meet up with Gordon James and receive their final payment.
  9. Loose Threads
    There are loose threads and plot hooks during the chapter. Here you will find possible solutions, if your players want to follow these threads.
  10. Gathering Information
    Here you'll find all the information, player characters may find during the chapter.
  11. Cast
    This article contains a complete list of required NPC. There are short blocks of information, as well as the stat blocks.
2 - 4 Player Characters
Which role do you want to take?

Throughout the world, there are articles and secrets that contain spoilers that are important to Chronists but can spoil the experience for players. For this reason, choose here whether you are a player or a Chronist.


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