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Soul Theory
Technology / Science | Apr 24, 2019

Soul theory is the empirical study of the human soul. (860 Words)

  To perform magic, one requires the two basic capacities of the soul: Soul power and soul flops. Soul power is the energy a soul constantly generates and stores up, and it is used to direct and regulate the flow of magic from the Great Clockwork. In gyrometrics, the soul power is quantified via the DVF Field and measured in Kunibert.   If the magic manifested surpasses one's soul power capacity, they will start to blight as their inner gates take damage.   While soul power has been quantified and harnessed thanks to the seminal work of Dr. Inv. Vincent Greenhorn Kunibert and Magister Rudolph Molotov, the computational power of the soul has been quantified much later in recent centuries by the clockwork theologists and technamagix researchers of Miyako Fluxum, where research in the fields of magic and technamagic was continued even after the Borealian Declaration of Existential Independence.   In 1432 GE, the first soul-powered calculator was invented by Harrison Cantor, an invention for which he won the Greenhorn Prize of Scientific Excellence, one of the highest awards of the scientific world. From there, the soul computer age began for Miyako Fluxum, quickly overtaking the world of organic computation that had taken root in Borealis after the development of the Darmstadt Processor.  

The Soul Computer Age

  Since the 14s GE, the limits of soul computation have been pushed further and further by the technocrats of Miyako Fluxum. While initially the soul power and soul flops of people were utilized to make soul computers run, much in the way spell ink mandalas work, later, more advanced versions utilized artificial souls, which are created by channeling soul power into a soul mold.   In 1510 GE, the archaic city jump drive was refitted with a large soul super computer, making it possible to jump the city far more frequently and safely than before.   Today, soul super computers are used for matter transmutation, astrogyrometric research, gene sequencing, and existential quantification. They are developed, constructed, and maintained by soul engineers, who hold degrees in clockwork theology and gyrometrics.


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