Kunibert (Unit of Measurement)

The De Vries Field is an emergent property of clusters of particles. It collapses quantum wave functions and severely limits the creation of virtual particles. It was discovered that the so-called ‘state-locking’ of basic particles, the definition of their existence in momentum and position space, occurred when these particles were successfully observed.

Dr. Helen De Vries was the first to formulate a comprehensive thesis on what is now called “De Vries Cluster Field Theory”. This theory deals with the fact that clusters of matter have the same effect on their constituent particles as constant observation, an effect that grows exponentially in potency the higher the degree of sentience the cluster of matter possesses, maxing out with human beings.
She hypothesized and later proved the direct connection between magic, the Great Clockwork, and what she called the De Vries Field in 120 AH.

In 318 AH, Dr. Inv. Vincent Kunibert Greenhorn constructs the first DVF Suppressor prototype in his laboratory and soon defines a unit of measurement for the strength of De Vries Fields, called Kunibert.

Average De Vries Field Strengths

Empty space 0 Kuniberts
A grain of sand 37 Kuniberts
A fully grown earthworm 2,09 kilo Kuniberts
An arctic fox sized stone statue 383,06 mega Kuniberts
A human-sized stone statue 1,53 giga Kuniberts
An arctic fox 6,41 giga Kuniberts
A black bear 8,60 giga Kuniberts
An average human being 3,9 tera Kuniberts

Dr. Inv. Vincent Kunibert Greenhorn
  Unit Abbreviation
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