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One Hundred Fantastic Facts Come to Life

Based on Old Tim's One Hundred Facts about Aqualon and the follow-up volumes, the author and historian Martin Dübel decided to take various facts from Timothy Jargon's compendiums and attach tiny stories to them to sell as a booklet.   In 1693 GE, the first edition was printed in Altonar, and soon the Big Chimney Publishing Company reprinted the booklet and sold it throughout the Middle Lands, the Axis of Steel, and Vechnaya Bramma.

Articles under One Hundred Fantastic Facts Come to Life

Tale #1: On the Signing of the Null Concord
Prose | Jul 16, 2020

When the Null Concord was signed, the world of Aqualon became a little bit safer. But few know that the shadows had a hand in the ratification of the document... ~ 605 Words

Tale #10: The Velvet Scholia
Prose | Jul 16, 2020

Ferries of the HJT Company are trained ship mages for hire, accompanying trade and cruise vessels across pirate infested waters. This short story follows one such pirate encounter. ~ 1202 Words

Tale #11: Wisteria and Green-Leaf Jasmine
Prose | Jul 16, 2020

Aqualon's many cultures have their own unique last rites for the departed. This short story portrays a widows tale, turning her deceased husband into a crystal... ~ 2286 Words

Tale #12: The White Death
Prose | Jul 16, 2020

A ship drifting into the jaws of a terrible trap - this is a short story from the Tales of the Mandala Triangle, the greatest ship graveyard of Aqualon. ~ 853 Words

Tale #13: The Second Deal
Prose | Jul 16, 2020

A short story about duty, betrayal, and good busines, and about the shady deals between the West Yamato Trading Company and the Black Market. ~ 800 Words

Tale #14: Svalbrynd Chain Gang
Prose | Jul 16, 2020

A short story from the times the Axis of Steel was founded. The Iron Belt is a dangerous place, and doubly so if you dare to try mining it... ~ 1519 Words

Tale #15: Ironclad People
Prose | Aug 18, 2020

From ~One Hundred Fantastic Facts Come to Life~. ~ 1138 Words

Tale #2: The Mighty Brammenwoods
Prose | Jul 16, 2020

There are precious gems in the mighty trees of the Brammenwoods, but only a fool would dare venture there to pry them off. A fool like Hildur... ~ 920 Words

Tale #3: The Glade of Druith
Prose | Jul 16, 2020

The Druithi are a nomadic folk, inhabiting the Glade of Druith, where animals and trees grow to unbelievable sizes... This is the story of one of their most important gatherings: A time of life, death, and magic. ~ 950 Words

Tale #4: The Gate at the Mountaintop
Prose | Jul 16, 2020

On a journey to save his soul from invasive animancy, Lord of Wind Kenji Sokolow seeks the Gate at the Mountaintop, pathway to the Great Clockwork, built by Plâton Rai'enjôh centuries ago... ~ 1267 Words

Tale #5: Keepers, Blades, and Elements
Prose | Jul 16, 2020

Each Keeper wields their Keeper weapon, which grants them dominion over their magical element. This is a story about Din, the young Keeper of Fire, unsure of whether she is ready for the responsibility. ~ 1276 Words

Tale #6: Jump!
Prose | Jul 16, 2020

A short story from the monumental day the center of Borealis was ripped out of the city as seperatist technocrats made their vie for independance. Not everyone came out unscathed that day... ~ 961 Words

Tale #7: Bits and Bytes, Allocate and Divide
Prose | Jul 16, 2020

Aqualon is a planet reborn over and over; but when the first machine attained sentience in its past incarnation, Aura, a monumental ripple went through the collective souls of the world... A short story about the awakening machine. ~ 639 Words

Tale #8: Dearest Vincent
Prose | Jul 16, 2020

A letter from Rudolph Molotov to Vincent Kunibert Greenhorn, two seminal Aqualonian scientists that were involved in the groundbreaking research for the quantification of magic. ~ 856 Words

Tale #9: The Stacks of Fulgrath
Prose | Jul 16, 2020

Industry, even, or perhaps especially, the magical kind, tends to sacrifice the little man on the altar of profit. But this short story has some extra sting, following an intern at the Fulgrath power plant. ~ 1420 Words


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