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Core Energy

The wide array of races and animals within the realm of Ancient Chronicles all possess an organ known as a core. The core allows beings to express a special energy beyond the body usually in a tangible form or manipulate matter based on the nature of their core. The core has led to many technological advancements such as Spirit Mekhos and continually shapes the culture of the universe’s peoples.  

Orientation, Type, Subtype


“Orientation” is a term that describes the “charge” of one’s core. Dark cores are considered “negatively charged” while light cores are “positively charged.” Contrary to initial thought, dark and light cores and their energies do not attract one another. Instead they repel. Core orientation and core type are often used interchangeably. An individual cannot change their core orientation or manipulate the energy outside of their orientation even if it’s the same subtype. Dark water and light water are incompatible and so on.   There is a third orientation known as a neutral core which is an orientation that lies outside dark or light. Pateru as a species possess neutral cores. Energy produced by a neutral core is intangible and behaves to some degree as a vacuum. They are able to absorb manifested energy of another person and transmit it themselves. In some species, they might also be able to store the collected energy for later. Only one energy can be stored at a time.  

Types and Subtypes

Within an orientation are energy types. Most energy types are not limited to either orientation. For example, dark water and light water are both possible. That said, the dark energy type and its subtypes are exclusive to the dark orientation and the light energy type and its subtypes are exclusive to the light orientation. Due to the nature of the neutral core, those with this orientation lack an energy type and subtype.   Subtypes are a specification of how an energy type is manifested. Some subtypes overlap two energy types such as the lava subtype which is both a fire and earth type. Individuals are capable of learning a new subtype. This takes a great deal of time, effort, and patience to learn how to manifest their energy in a new way. It is not possible to learn a subtype that is outside of one’s energy type. E.g. someone with light water cannot learn light fire.   All organisms with a core have an orientation and most have a type and subtype. To describe one’s core, one only mentions the orientation and subtype if applicable.  

Cores of the Universe


Asirans, like ethieans, have a wide range of possible core types. An asiran’s core type is typically reflected in their eye color. E.g. an asiran with a light lightning core might have yellow eyes. An asiran ethnicity known as cryrofi have pale complexions and albinism is extremely common among them. Cyrofi albinos almost always have a neutral core.   Many animals on Asira rely on their core much in the way sentient species do. Creatures such as caddocs possess a core which greatly contributes to their power of flight.  


Ethiea is fraught with sentient species. All species posses a core. The people of Ethiea, like Asira, have a wide range of possible core types.  


Unlike Ethiea and Asira, Serpentis largely does not have a random distribution of core types throughout its people. Core type is greatly determined by species. Pateru have neutral cores as a rule. Ny’kor and ly’kor have dark and light cores respectively, and any hybrids will retain the dominant core type of their parents. Adding a pateru to the bloodline will always dilute whatever charged core type is present in the lineage. Light and dark core people cannot successfully copulate. Most Serpentians can produce or manipulate pure dark or light energy. There are some outliers. For winged Serpentians, the core is also an important part of flight.   Shyr and kartuu are slightly different in that, respectively, one has multiple chakras which are branches of the main core and the other has one core with two chambers. Both possess cores which are either dark or light oriented but rather than producing their own energy, they absorb energy, store it, and can release it at any time. Shyr have the capacity to store more than one energy at a time provided they have any of their four chakras opened. Kartuu, by default, can hold one energy in their core at a time. However, if a kartuu bonds with another being, they adopt the core orientation of their partner by binding the energy in their secondary core chamber. The kartuu will then be able to absorb and release the same energy as their partner in addition to storing energy in their primary chamber. They cannot release two energies at once like a shyr especially if the kartuu’s secondary chamber is imprinted on an energy signature outside of their default orientation.   Shyr and kartuu are capable of absorbing any energy so long as the energy corresponds with their core orientation. A shyr with a dark core orientation cannot absorb any energy produced by a light core.  


The core of Xilxixian species is often more indirect or obscure than that of the previous planets and species. Arakin use theirs to impregnate their webs with their energy as a form of self defense or offense.  

Gray Core Theory

There is a theory that suggests the potential existence of what is known as a gray core. A gray core is believed to overlap both dark and light orientations allowing the core to produce virtually any type or subtype with no limitations to orientation. As an example, an individual with a gray core could produce dark fire and light fire. There are no known organisms with a gray core.
Core [kor] n.
The organ of an organism, especially an individual of a sentient specie, that produces a form of energy which can be manifested outside the body.   Core Energy n.
The energy produced by an individual’s core which exists in the core, flows through the individuals body, and can be expressed outwardly in a tangible state or used to manipulate matter corresponding to the individual’s orientation, type, and subtype. Also known as Energy.   Different Languages
Kor (Shyrven)
Soas (Asiran)   Orientations
Neutral   Types and Subtypes
Dark (Dark core only)
  • Dark
  • Shadows
Light (Light core only)
  • Light
  • Light-beams
  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Lava
  • Steam
  • Glass
  • Smoke
  • Water
  • Ice
  • Steam
  • Plant
  • Earth/Rock
  • Sand
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Plant
  • Air/Wind
  • Dust
  • Steam
  • Smoke
  • Acid
  • Poison
  • Ether/Pure Energy
  • Healing
  • Plasma
Metaphysical, Elemental

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