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Spirit Mekhos

Developed on Asira, Spirit Mekhos, or Khosas'soas in the native tongue, is a unique form of technology that utilizes core energy as its power source. While the majority of Mekhos can be utilized by anyone some are specialized for a unique task and can only be operated by someone with the core energy type that the Mekhos is tuned to.  



  A combination of the words 'khos', to
harness, and 'soas', the soul. Its literal
translation means 'to harness ones

Spirit Mekhos

  Without a direct translation of the
Asiran word 'Khosas' a marriage with
the Common word 'mecha' was used,
creating 'Mekhos'.
(It should be noted, due to regional
variation, that in some areas 'Mekhos'
is pronounced 'Mekhas'.)


  After the technology became
established in the Shyrofor System the
name changed to suit the regional
culture. 'Soul' was replaced with the
local term 'core' written as 'kor', while
'Mekhos' was dropped altogether and
replaced with 'tek', a stylized form of 'tech'.


  In order to make Mekhos accessible to a larger demographic, a way to change the users core energy was needed. This led to the creation of converters: a small piece of technology built into the Mekhos' charging port, that can revert core energy into its base form of light or dark. It is then moved through a power cell capable of utilizing both base core energies, where it is applied to the Mekhos.   A second converter can be added to the Mekhos as well, though these are among the most expensive models. The energy that has been stored in the power cell moves through the secondary converter before being applied to the Mekhos, where it is changed into a different energy type. However, because of light and dark base energies inability to be changed into one another, a light or shadow subtype secondary converter is not recommended. If someone with an opposing base energy were to try and use it it would cause catastrophic damage to the Mekhos.   (Ex. Water type light based converted into fire type light based energy, or water type dark based into fire type dark based energy. Water type light based cannot become shadow type dark based energy.)  

Specialized Mekhos


Type Specific

  True to its name, type specific Mekhos can only be wielded by those possessing the required core orientation needed to operate it. While not as common these days, due to the advances in technology that have made it easier to convert core energy into its basic form, it still persists. These Mekhos are often used for jobs that require a certain elemental aid (i.e. fire, electricity, water, ect.), or as a personalized piece of equipment. The latter is often so finely tuned to the owner that it is rendered useless in the hands of others. The process needed to retune a personalized Mekhos is a costly one, both monetarily and energy-wise, making them priceless to the owner, but worthless to anybody else.   Though its popularity has declined over the years it still remains one of the more widely used forms of Mekhos due to its affordability. Lacking the need to add an energy converter to the Mekhos decreases its price point significantly, making it the go to choice for practical and lower income individuals and families.  


  While the vast majority of Asirans have basic control over their cores and can manipulate them to some degree, the same cannot be said of those from other planets and systems. This lead to a rise in popularity of charged Mekhos.   Designed as a way to get around type restrictions in Mekhos before energy converters were invented (and for those without control over their cores), charged Mekhos contain a power cell capable of storing large quantities of core energy. Once charged, the Mekhos can be used by anyone. When the power cell runs out it can be recharged by anybody if it isn't a type specific, or by someone with a corresponding core energy if it is.   If a Mekhos is charged with a core energy that has a different base type before the current supply has run out, it will cause massive damage to the power cell. This can lead to the Mekhos malfunctioning and becoming unusable, and often times unrepairable.   (Ex. A Mekhos, type specific or not, being charged with a fire type light based core and then being charged with a fire type dark based core before it has used up all of the previous energy.)


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