Anvilite References

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References to Anvilites or their worlds

  The references in Testworld are all items in the right sidebar. Most reference are just based on the name.  
  • Udan: Janne Ette
  • Amélie: Testworld, Amelíe, Ame-Li
  • Catoblepon: Testworld
  • Dimitris: Testworld, Lyra (Lyra is one of Dimi's worlds), Ti-Mi Dris in Temple of Death
  • DinosaurBob: Testworld
  • Dr. Emy: Testworld
  • Dutrius: Testworld
  • Hanhula: Han
  • Jaime Buckley: Baine J Uckley, Jaimer Buckload in Temple of Death
  • Janet: Janne Ette, Temple of Death
  • Kefkejaco: Testworld
  • Kummer Wolfe: Wummer Kolfe
  • LauraBones: La-U Ra
  • Loraine: Lora Ineh in Temple of Death
  • MikaroChandra: Testworld
  • Qurilion: Testworld
  • Satrium: Testworld
  • ShyRedFox: Limina aka The Red Fox (Limina from "Liminal Chronicles")
  • Siloandra: Testworld
  • SolarCat: Solange La
  • Stormbril: Testworld
  • TheChangeling: Testworld
  • Theiket: Testworld
  • Toblin: Tobler Celen in Temple of Death

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