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Northern Tribes Religious Overview

The lands of Norjord and Rus believe largely in the myths that they brought with them as the younger races. They have adapted them where necessary to the realities of Zihæt. Unlike the Drákos, however they view the gods in purely anthropomorphised (Human or Giant) forms.  

The Northern Pantheon

Ancient BeastMythical HomeNorthern Tribal NamesD&D 5e Archetype
PatérasLost (Assumed to be northeast of Avignon)OdinMythical Cloud Giant
KataigídaPedéddhúpRánMythical Storm Giant Quintessent
SofiaSomewhere in the Jotunheimen RangeFriggMythical Frost Giant
FotiáSomewhere in the Marais WetlandsSurtrMythical Fire Giant
AktinovolíaSomewhere in Dragonshome IslandsFreyMythical Ancient Brass Dragon
ThilykósSomewhere in Dragonshome IslandsFreyaMythical Ancient Silver Dragon
EpithymíaNótio nisíIdunnMythical Ancient Copper Dragon
ChryseisEleusis in low mountains of FroúrioSifMythical Ancient Gold Dragon
AstrapíEastern side of Jotunheimen RangeThorMythical Ancient Bronze Dragon
DóryLost, Somewhere in the deserts beyond the Marais WetlandsGeirahöd Mythical Ancient Blue Dragon
AplistíaSomewhere in the Myrkviðr ForestFafnirMythical Ancient Green Dragon
VyssiníSouthern Volcanic Island in Dragonshome IslandsTyrMythical Ancient Red Dragon
SkotádiAsteria, in the mountains of Megálo nisíHelMythical Ancient Black Dragon
PoniriáSomewhere in the Jotunheimen RangeLokiMythical Ancient White Dragon


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