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Drákos Mythology Overview

Unlike the god of the Holy Empire of Humanité, Dieu the Drákos don't believe that their gods have always existed. The gods did not create the universe, the universe created the gods.  

The universe

  The universe gave birth to the world itself and its key features.   These in turn gave birth to the ancient beasts. Clear lineage isn't given between the primal beings and these ancient ones as they are more formally called. It is unclear whether they were birthed, created, or molded into their beastly shapes.  

The first lords on Zihæt

  The Ancient Beasts were the first rulers of the surface lands of Zihæt. These included the dragons, the elemental lords, and several powerful beasts of nature. After the arrival of the younger races, these beings acquired names from the younger races that became common throughout the tribes that served them.  
The ancient beasts and younger spirits are divine, but individuals. They ate, drank, and amused themsleves. They were very powerful and very dangerous when angry. However, with proper care, a person could be quite fairly at ease with them. The terrifying irrational has no place in classical mythology. (Adapted, Mythology, Edith Hamilton)

The Ancient Ones

Ancient BeastMythical HomeDrákos Human NameD&D 5e Archetype
PatérasLost (Assumed to be northeast of Avignon)ZeusMythical Cloud Giant
KataigídaPedéddhúpAmphitriteMythical Storm Giant Quintessent
SofiaSomewhere in the Jotunheimen RangeHeraMythical Frost Giant
FotiáSomewhere in the Marais WetlandsHephestusMythical Fire Giant
AktinovolíaSomewhere in Dragonshome IslandsApolloMythical Ancient Brass Dragon
ThilykósSomewhere in Dragonshome IslandsArtemisMythical Ancient Silver Dragon
EpithymíaNótio nisíAphroditeMythical Ancient Copper Dragon
ChryseisEleusis in low mountains of FroúrioDemeterMythical Ancient Gold Dragon
AstrapíEastern side of Jotunheimen RangePoseidonMythical Ancient Bronze Dragon
DóryLost, Somewhere in the deserts beyond the Marais WetlandsAthenaMythical Ancient Blue Dragon
AplistíaSomewhere in the Myrkviðr ForestTantalusMythical Ancient Green Dragon
VyssiníSouthern Volcanic Island in Dragonshome IslandsAresMythical Ancient Red Dragon
SkotádiAsteria, in the mountains of Megálo nisíHecateMythical Ancient Black Dragon
PoniriáSomewhere in the Jotunheimen RangeHermesMythical Ancient White Dragon

The younger spirits

The ancient beasts created and nurtured a large number of younger spirits. Drákos believe that when a person dies, their immutable and immortal soul becomes a younger spirit. These spirits may linger in the world to help (or hinder) the races, or they may be passed into the underworld. Over time, when the soul is at peace, and no longer feels any obligations to the world, it may disapate and become one with the primal beings (e.g. Zihæt, Oceanus, etc.)   Heroes who die and become younger spirits maintain their living identity. Other spirits representing aspects of the natural world have often acquired names from younger races, that may sound like dieties. Fallen spirits, those in the underworld, may come back as returned or be perverted into undead.


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