The first leader of the Persópoulos Tribe.   Ashur-nirari was regarded by his people as a great leader, having seen them through the The Great War and safely to their new home in Zihæt, the island of Froúrio nisí.   Here he led the development of agriculture and pastoral life in this rich new climate, and sponsored the building of the Palace on the Eleusis River near the Froúrio Range.   He was concerned first with his own people's welfare, and only second with the larger group of Drákos Tribes and Families. As the group had always had a somewhat contentious relationship with most of the tribes prior to coming to Zihæt, it was unsurprising that they remained largely aloof and focused on their own development.   Ashur-nirari was particularly interested in ensuring that the lessons of the Great War would not be forgotten. He formed a strong relationship with one particularly talented young spiritual leader. Together they sought a path forward for the tribe that was no longer tied to the old gods, Ashur and Ishtar. But rather was more accommodating to the new realities of Zihæt.   He was also focused on developing good relations with the native inhabitants of Froúrio nisí. He found their ability to perform strange tricks fascinating, and wondered if this new technology (or magic as some called it) could be harnessed for his tribes greater good.   Unfortunately, this led him to begin consorting with an elemental lord trapped on Zihæt as part of the final seal placed during the great war. This Dao ultimately used an ancient relic to control Ashur-nirari, and take effective control over his kingdom. Thus began the story of the fall of the Persópoulos tribe.
2680 2750 70 years old
Circumstances of Death
Died in battle on Froúrio as part of the fall of the Persopoulos tribe


Author's Notes

This is perhaps the most specific reference to individuals from the bronze age, other than our narrator, Kassandra.

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