Spiritual Leader of the Persópoulos Tribe

His name lost in the annals of history, this great spiritual leader served the leaders of the Persópoulos Tribe. This included both the first tribal leader Ashur-nirari and Ashur-nirai's son.   He formed a strong relationship with the young leader of the tribe, who had a strong interest in ensuring that the lessons learned from The Great War were not forgotten.   He was strongly affected by the knowledge that the Gods of this world sacrificed their lives to complete the seal. Together with Ashur-nirari, they sought a spiritual path forward for the tribe that not only moved away from the old gods, Ashur and Ishtar, but also took into account their new understanding of the Cosmos.   When Ashur-nirari became entangled with the malevolent creature known as the Dao, it was the role of this leader to save the tribe and the honor of his leader and best friend. This led him to become the orchestrator of the fall of the Persópoulos tribe.
2670 2770 100 years old
Circumstances of Death
Died in exile with his clan on the western continent


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