Pocket Zulo

Pocket Zulo a day keeps the pesky debt collectors away!
Your new Pocket Zulo will keep the debt collectors away. Just give him the command word and he'll attack those pesky debt collectors, causing them to never bother you again.
What have you done to my Pocket Zulo?!? That's not his purpose! By the gods what have you done....DELIAH!!!!! Your sales people are lying again!!!


The first Pocket Zulo was made as a comfort item for Alynys Chalice by her husband in an attemt to help her control her magic after a troubling vision was recieved from the Keeper of Fates. The item was particulary useful when Alynys was working away from home. Over time enchanments were added to the Pocket Zulo to better help around the house and workshop, gather ingredients and even watching a beaker to ensure a potion didn't blow up, again.

Around 300 years after the first Pocket Zulo was created they started to be mass produced by the Zachery Toy Company and sold through Aften Distributions.

by MandoMc Designs via Midjourney


The Pocket Zulo can be used whenever you need a spare pair of hands, or an extra set of eyes. Your pocket Zulo loves attention and will gladly help you out just to spend time with you. The items are capable of helping with alchemy, cooking, baby sitting, and any other number of tasks around the house. When told to guard, the Zulos will walk around with their sword at the ready, until you return.

For those of you that have creatures of unimaginable power and might hiding in a jar on your shelf, the Pocket Zulo can help to drive away their dark thoughts and feelings, allowing you to access the amazing benefits of the creature. Pocket Zulos's have no feelings what so ever, and thus will suffer no ill effects from the creature in the jar that you hid on the back of the shelf.



  • Your new Pocket Zulo only copies text in Draconic. While they understand multiple languages and will respond in common, they can only write in Draconic.
  • Your new pocket Zulo may come fully equiped with a metal tail. If you have a metal tail model, please keep this in mind when messing with those new fangled magnets.
  • Pocket Zulos when left alone have been known to cause chaos, madness, and destruction. Do not leave your Pocket Zulo alone.
  • Zachry Toy Company, Aften Distribution, The Chalice Family, and The Heist Clan are not responsible for anything that your Pocket Zulo does when left alone.
  • Aften Distribution is a subsidary of the Heist Clan. All sales are final.
  • GM
    Which organization do you belong to?
    by MandoMc Designs via Midjourney
    Item type
    Owning Organization
    Base Price
    25 gp

    Cover image: by MandoMc Designs via Midjourney


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    Master PrincessESH
    Aster Blackwell
    3 Jan, 2023 01:36

    ...I have a suspicion that this article may not be entirely truthful with what these things are capable of. The disclaimer is especially concerning.... Well, I bet it's nothing! I'll buy 12, please.

    Eternal Sage MandoMc
    Amanda McRoberts
    3 Jan, 2023 03:20

    I mean….Pocket Zulo’s have a long history of serving those they were created to protect. So in that sense they’re doing exactly what they’re meant to.

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