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Conservation Statuses

Some animals are more at risk of extinction than others. There are many different conservation statuses, and this tells us the likelihood of a species going extinct. We look at different factors when assigning a status to a species, such as the likelihood of conspecifics producing offspring, the natural environment, whether or not there is a captive population, etc.The A To Zoo has a special list of species and their conservation statuses, determined by our very own task force that works hard, day and night, to assign a status to every species we have.
Conservation Statuses
Extinct In The Wild
Critically Endangered
Near Threatened
Least Concern

Least Concern

Animals with the Least Concern status are ideally far from ever becoming endangered. They are a plentiful species and so we do not actively breed any Least Concern species in our collection. The majority of our free-roaming animals are Least Concern, such as our glamorous peafowl who wander the Theropods Sector 2.

Despite these animals having substancial populations, they can still become extinct in a short amount of time. Earth is a great example of hosting species that went from Least Concern to Extinct in just a handful of years.

Humans exploring new areas of their planet, and their appetite for, well, animals, led to many animals being hunted to extinction. Passenger's pigeons and steller's sea cows were just two species hunted to extinction in an incredibly short amount of time, proving that even Least Concern species can be at risk of extinction.

Notable Least Concern Species
Glamorous Peafowl Bamboo Turtle Shroom Worm
Glamorous Peafowl by Mochi

Near Threatened

Golden Fox by Mochi

A Near Threatened species is self-explanatory. They are close to becoming a threatened species, but aren't quite there yet. They may be suffering from habitat loss and many individuals are being found deceased, or they fell victim to illegal trades. There are many reasons why a species may become Near Threatened, and we address them all as we try and educate our visitors.

We don't tend to focus any conservation efforts on Near Threatened species. Most have semi-stable populations on their native planets, but we do keep a close eye on their wild populations, just in case we need to re-establish their conservation status.

Notable Near Threatened Species
Golden Fox Killfish Do'ai'do Vibrant Tooloo


Vulnerable species come in all shapes and sizes, most suffering from severe habitat loss. Species are still classified as Vulnerable regardless of their captive numbers, and many Vulnerable species are thriving in captive spaces.

We actively manage populations of Vulnerable species, and we are dedicated to increasing our own populations of animals. For many species we have public timelines of animals, such as our crimson-bellied bats. You can see their breeding programme here.

Notable Vulnerable Species
Crimson-Bellied Bat Yquell
Crimson-Bellied Bat by Mochi


Paradise Kinkajou by Mochi

Endangered animals are at a great risk of extinction. Unfortunately, few Endangered animals bounce back, and most become extinct. Their numbers are so small that without intervention by us and other conservationists, they are almost guaranteed to become extinct.

We put a lot of effort into breeding our Endangered species. Unfortunately, many are difficult to breed and we are having little success increasing populations. Visitors can donate small amounts of money towards our Endangered species too, which goes towards enrichment, food, and much more.

Notable Endangered Species
Yisserin Paradise Kinkajou Venomous Fire Snail Arcoraptor

Critically Endangered

Critically Endangered species are at great risk of extinction, to the point where it is almost guaranteed. Despite this, we cannot just sit by and let animals go extinct. We have seriously dedicated breeding programmes that does everything they can without forcing animals to procreate.

Notable Critically Endangered Species
Opal Phoenix Phosphorous Snake-Eel
Phosphorous Snake-Eel by Mochi

Extinct In The Wild

Unfortunately we have many Extinct In The Wild Species. Self-explanatory, there are none of the animals in the wild, and the only living specimens can be found in captivity. We are beyond lucky to have the only living animals of about three hundred species, and we are desperately trying to increase their numbers.

Notable Extinct In The Wild Species
Eudan Crane


The most upsetting part of working here is when we must announce the extinction of a species. Sadly, no matter how hard we try, some species do end up going extinct. We have lost many species to extinction, simply because they wouldn't cooperate and would not produce offspring, but we cannot blame them for that.

We teach our visitors the importance of conservation, and we believe in educating younger generations so that they grow up wanting to protect endangered species from extinction.

Notable Extinct Species
Skelerent Precursor


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Check out Natural Magic : a coming of age fantasy novel, because life is hard enough when you're fourteen, even without saving the world. Or listen to it in podcast form .
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