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Crimson-Bellied Bat Breeding Programme

Here at the A To Zoo, we believe in breeding programmes for vulnerable and endangered species. Crimson-bellied bats are one such animal. They are the largest bat species on the planet Rubrinea, and their population is slowly decreasing as more able predators have arisen.

Crimson-Bellied Bat Facility

We have constructed a large biodome, with running water, food, hiding spots, for our 37 crimson-bellied bats. This biodome can be found a short walk from the bat enclosure, and twice a year we will introduce four bats, two breeding pairs, to this biodome. Crimson-bellied bats are territorial during mating season but will respect each other's boundaries, so our biodome is the correct size to handle two breeding pairs.

We pick two male and two female bats at random, to encourage genetic diversity. These bats almost always mate and produce babies, but sadly we've never seen more than three babies make it to adulthood.

Crimson-Bellied Bat
Crimson-Bellied Bat by Mochi
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Hah, you thought.

Timeline of bat births

  • Late 4592
  • Parents: Ang & Fang
    Offspring: Marsh & Bara   Parents: Nduh & Berei
    Offspring: River, Amifi & Tobi
  • Early 4593
  • Parents: Ang & Fang
    Offspring: Tera   Parents: Aporas & Berei
    Offspring: Rhosi
  • Late 4593
  • Parents: Ghaler & Arrid
    Offspring: San & Sandy   Parents: Yivi & Oliv
    Offspring: Xetxe
  • Early 4594
  • Parents: Edla & Mashis
    Offspring: Trhie, Jiye & Abdasi   Parents: Ghaler & Oliv
    Offspring: Odia & Areis
  • Late 4594
  • Parents: Tobi & Marsh
    Offspring: Moris   Parents: Rhosi & Tera
    Offspring: Syss, Brizsha & Jisle
  • Early 4595
  • Parents: Xetxe & San
    Offspring: Sarash & Zheg   Parents: Luken & Viczi
    Offspring: Ayaear
    I am incredibly honoured to have the responsibility of this breeding programme. Personally, I am quite a fan of the crimson-bellied bats, and see us able to successfully produce baby bats year after year warms my heart.
    — Zoo Curator, Rox


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    Apr 8, 2023 23:07 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

    I love the little timeline of successful breedings <3 That's a great touch. Good to see that A to Zoo is doing some good conservation work!

    Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
    Apr 9, 2023 06:44 by Mochi

    Thank you so much! It was difficult to set up and remember all the names, sexes and dates xD

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