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Behold, the A to Zoo. The largest collection of fauna species in the Yonderverse, we exist in an entirely different dimension to the one you call home. I hope you arrived here safely, and are prepared to get lost amongst literal trillions of species of animals, from the tiniest of fleas and mites to the largest of space whales.

We are so proud of the collection we have cultivated and grown over the years, and we hope you have a lovely time here.


We are one of the older collections in the Yonderverse, opening to the public 4595 years ago. Because we are located in an entirely different dimension, we record time a little differently. Each year is 200 days long, each day is 20 hours, and the year 0 is the year the A to Zoo first became open to the public.

That day was a great day for us. We had a whopping six million visitors just on our first day, and things only got better from then onwards.

I remember our first day fondly. We had queues and queues of visitors all impatiently waiting for the grand opening, it was wild. The entire day was a rush, we had so many visitors come and tell me personally how amazing the opening was, and that they would come back in the future as the zoo grew.
— Rox

The year 103 was a huge day. That day, we hit 1 million unique species in our collection. This was just groundbreaking, as it was the first sign that this collection could genuinely become the largest in the Yonderverse, and we achieved it so quickly. We celebrated that day by offering a thousand free tickets to the A to Zoo, handed out to citizens across the Yonderverse. Those who won the tickets also got VIP tours led by our Sector Leader Zookeepers, and it was again a great day.

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Did You Know?

Our zoo is organised in sectors. Stand on the blue pads located across the A to Zoo, and you will be transported to the sector of your liking, where you will meet new and exciting critters.


We have thousands of sectors in the A to Zoo. These help us organise our animals, as each sector is located in an empty corner in the A to Zoo Dimension. Each sector contains many zookeepers, which you may ask any questions you like about the resident animals.
For a comprehensive list of sectors, see
List of Sectors.
We encourage people to explore new sectors that they've never been to. There are countless and there is without a doubt some you have not explored, and who's to say you might not discover your new favourite animal?

Ekirin's Daily Sector Picks!

Hi! I'm Ekirin, a zookeeper at the A to Zoo. During my spare time every day I like to explore the various sectors around this zoo, and here are some of my favourite picks!
Golden Mammals 2
Slightly biased, since I work in this sector. This sector deals with numerous golden coloured mammals, since there are so many. My favourite are the golden foxes, that love to escape from their enclosures. We have a prize reward for visitors if anyone is able to capture escaped foxes, since they get out so much. I love them though!
Ekirin by Mochi
Time Dimension
This place is weird. I don't know how Rox managed to get animals from this dimension, but these animals sure are weird. I love the aels; these unusual eel-like animals cause deja-vu by consuming time in their native dimension.

Fun Fact!

Our zoo is ran by a single person! Rox, the zoo's curator, owns the entire collection and oversees every little detail. As she is immortal, she has dedicated her life to studying each individual species and own the largest collection of animals in the Yonderverse.



If you're wondering why Rox is wearing such a glamorous dress in her profile photo, it's because it is the only photo she is willing to share.

Rox is the owner of A to Zoo. She is a wonderful person, devoting her entire immortal life to the animals in her collection. From a young age she surrounded herself with animals and she became obsessed with rescuing injured animals, nurturing them before releasing them back into the wild.

The A to Zoo began when Rox wanted to form the largest collection of animals in the Yonderverse, to showcase to people the wonders of this universe.

Many that know Rox personally say she is a wonderful person. She cares very much about her appearance, which may explain the only photo she uses. She's rarely seen in public nowadays, but she lives in a secluded corner of the A to Zoo accessed by only the highest-level zookeepers and herself.

Rox by Mochi

Want a birthday party here?

No problem! Please click the link below to fill out a form, which will be sent to our executive birthday parties officer. You will receive a confirmation message shortly after submitting.
Birthday Parties Form
Hah, you thought.

A to Zoo Dimension

There are infinite dimensions in the Yonderverse; many of them full of life, many of them vacant. We took ownership of one of these vacant dimensions, an eternal plain of nothingness, and transformed it. After acquiring the legal rights to this dimension, we began construction.

As this dimension stretches for infinity, each Sector is located several trillions of kilometres away from each other, to allow us to expand any Sector we like. Instead, we use blue teleportation pads to get around.

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I love the addition of the teleportation pads. Very practical.

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