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Ekirin Sanaru

Ekiriiiiin! Where did you put the sticks for the flapjack rays?
What? Are they not on the counter? I put them there like a minute ago.
No, otherwise I wouldn't be fucking asking. Can you try to think where you put them?
Uhh... Check underneath the bearded hellspawn vivariums.
Oh! Got them! Man, you're useless sometimes.
Thanks, Sandra. Not like you let out the golden foxes last week.
Shut up.
— Sandra and Ekirin

Erikin is so sweet, but so bad at her job. She's lovely, all of the animals love her, but my goodness. She's always spilling food bowls, losing items, leaving things unlocked. But her heart is in the right place, and that's all that matters.

She used to work with the bigger animals, but got demoted after she left the door to the death bear cages open and a few got out. That was a bad day.

Personal History

Unfortunately there's not much to say about Ekirin's personal history, as one's knowledge of their own past is wiped once they become an official zookeeper at the A to Zoo. What we do know is that Ekirin comes from a distant planet in the Iralas System, somewhere in the Pereleos Galaxy of District 1. Her planet isn't very populated, and she is currently the only ikthili zookeeper in the entire zoo of 2 million workers.

Ekirin has been working here at the zoo for 619 years. During this time she has worked in 16 different sectors, and has experienced handling and taking care of a large variety of animals.

When Ekirin was first hired she was trained in the Domestic Megafauna Sector 1. This is a common starting point for newly hired zookeepers, as these animals are very easy to handle and are a perfect introduction into the zookeeper lifestyle. Right off the bat, Ekirin was not used to such responsibilities and constantly let animals escape. Cloud bunnies, a common lagomorph from Greenerth, would often escape under her watch, but luckily these animals never wandered far.

Currently Ekirin works on rotation between the Domestic Minifauna Sector 7 and the Golden Mammals Sector 2. These sectors deal with miniscule batoids of all varieties, and contains approximately 20,000 species, and 395 species of golden mammals respectively. She works alongside 100 zookeepers in either sectors, however she only knows the names of five.



Ekirin is lovely, she truly is. She is outgoing, bubbly and charismatic, and she loves to be around animals. Aside from her incompetence, nobody has anything bad to say about her. Ekirin is quite an open person, willing to admit mistakes and faults. It's handy when she's constantly making mistakes at work.


Possibly her only weakness is her incompetence. Her terrible memory means she is constantly forgetting what she's doing and how to do things. She keeps forgetting to lock doors to enclosures, and on many occasions animals weasel their ways out. She has been transferred to indoor sectors on many occasions because of this.

Likes & Dislikes


Ekirin is a big fan of the colour purple. Her natural hair colour is a dark red, but she had it dyed just weeks into her job, which helps with her self-confidence. She love to read, and an entire wall of her apartment is covered in bookshelves, with both fiction and non-fiction books packed into them.

Favourite Animal

Ekirin's favourite animal to work with are golden foxes. These adorable animals are found in the Golden Mammals Sector 2, and their exhibit contains 16 of these curious animals. Golden foxes were here primary species in her last sector, and she managed to bond with them on a level nobody else ever had. On days Ekirin fed the foxes, they were the most well-behaved and never tried to escape, unlike when Sandra feeds them.


Ekirin has an unusual aversion to avocadoes. An Earth food, avocados are toxic to many Earth creatures but popular with animals from other planets. It is unfortunate, because Ekirin cannot even touch an avocado without running away, and so the animals she feeds don't get to eat avocadoes, even if they really want to.

Ekirin by Mochi
Current Residence
Domestic Minifauna Sector 7
Light Grey
Long, Straight, Purple Hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light Pink Scales
Aligned Organization
Morning Angel! How are you today?
Well that's good. I got some food!
*throws food around enclosure*
Nom nom nom *eating noises*
— Ekirin and Angel the golden fox

Sandra & Ekirin

Sandra and Ekirin has the least complex rivalry in the history of rivals - Sandra wants to be better than Ekirin, while Ekirin doesn't care. Sandra constantly attempts to one-up Ekirin, throwing her under the bus, accusing her of kidnapping animals for some reason, and is generally rude to her.

Ekirin is oblivious half of the time. Even today she continues to support Sandra whenever she messes up on the job, even if Sandra refuses to accept the help.

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