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Porcelain figurine

That figurine? It was created here on The Station, by the Kaose. It's not the oldest thing in this store, but it's in the top 20s.
This porcelain figurine stands together with other figurines and dolls on a shelf in the store Grim's Curiosities. The figurine is handmade and around 28cm tall. It's wearing a bodybuilder outfit, tight blue pants, and a white tank top. The figurine was made in the likeness of a once famous bodybuilder who resided on The Station.   The figurine flexes its large porcelain muscles, and its small painted eyes follow the customers around the store.  


Around 3008 years ago, several famous people living on The Station were used as an inspiration for a set of 12 porcelain figurines. Around ten copies of this set were made according to a book about dolls currently residing in The Central Library. Supposedly, this is the only figurine still in existence out of those 120 figurines. The bodybuilder this figurine was created after, died suddenly of a heart attack after they had approved having their likeness used for this figurine series. This is the unique figurine gifted to the bodybuilder's family by the artisan who created them.


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