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Old modi

It's not my private one, it's for sale. You can have a look at it if you want. You can check out that mug over there as well.
This is initially the most surprising thing for sale in Grim's Curiosities. Among this store's supposedly curious and cursed items, a regular Modi is not what visitors expect to find.   This modi is from a very old edition. It's around 2200 years old. That's not very unusual among the really old folks. What is unexpected and curious about this modi is that its language setting is that of a language that does not exist nor has ever existed. At least the Library has no information about this modis language settings.  


This modi was found in the apartment of an ancient Dragon that died of old age two years ago. The modi was sold off together with a lot of other old items to antique stores. Somehow, this modi ended up in this store along the way.


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