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Half Full

No, I didn't forget it in there. It's one of the items for sale...you'll never go thirsty if you buy it. Just don't drink too deep.
This mug is locked inside a large glass display case, close to the left side of the Cashier's desk in the store of Grim's Curiosities, together with the other enchanted or deity blessed items.   It is a very nondescript white 16 oz mug made out of ceramics. Some visitors believe the mug was accidentally left in the display case. But that is not so. The mug has been blessed by Eloethi, one of the deities of Luck. The mug is always half full of a sweet beverage. Drink too much of the sweet beverage once, and everything else will always taste bitter.  


Grim flat out refuses to explain the origin of this item, even though it should be easy to. The Deities are usually always candid about the items and people that they decide to bless.


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