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If you're a tourist, shopping at The Station is hard. You need one of these small devices that are basically kinda just a screen. Similar to phones on some planets. While visiting, you need to, like, either rent one for a pretty high price or just straight up buy one, and that's a bit unnecessary since you usually can't use them on your own planet.
— A traveller
The cashier was a common profession in food stalls, merchant stalls, supermarkets, retail stores, and restaurants on The Station but has now been replaced by browser sites on the Modis of the inhabitants.  


When the Dragons arrived at The Station they shared everything that they found with people from other planets. But then when they started accepting trade and other agreements from other planets, and more people started moving into The Station, they decided that they had to do something to make everything fair. They studied the books left by the previous inhabitants and decided to do things as the old inhabitants had. They instated the cashier profession.   With the advancements done on the previous inhabitants' inventions, the profession was pretty soon unnecessary, and those who had previously worked within this profession moved on to other professions.  


The cashier was expected to be friendly, have good communication skills, and have finished basic schooling.


The average demographic of people employed in this profession was young people who were just out of school.

Social Status

The social status of this profession wasn't high. Usually, youngsters who had just graduated from school with no previous work experience got these jobs to get into the work market. Some of them had already worked part-time at these places while still in school.   Some young adults worked part-time as a cashier while they pursued higher education or had another job that didn't take that much time.
Alternative names
Less than average of most professions


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